Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Spanking fun

A couple of weeks ago my wife and I talked about me getting a spanking at a fetish club and i suggested that once I have had too much that I have to ask her to stop, that she be entitled to carry on for a few more spanks before she does. Kind of like a delayed safeword. I find the idea of being pushed beyond my limit very hot, and this way I have a safeword it just takes a while to kick in. Well she agreed but I wasnt sure what she thought of the idea.

I just had a conversation with her, having woken this morning and had a lovely sleepy cuddle and a quick mutual tease before I went to work. I asked her if I could have a spanking soon, am craving the sensation and especially the post spanking endorphin rush. I also asked that I be tied so that I couldnt avoid it. She agreed but a moment later, shyly but with a bit of a shine in her eyes, asked if it was ok for her to carry on a little after I beg for her to stop. I hadnt realised that my idea had appealed, let alone appealed enough for her to bring it up. I normally suggest these things, it must have appealed a lot for her to ask for it! I asked her about that and she admitted that she really liked the idea.


In the end we agreed that once I ask her to stop she decides how long to continue before complying, that could be 1 spank or 100. Of course I know and trust her and know that I am in safe hands. I cant wait!



Elle said...

Maybe you should suggest wearing a butt plug while she spanks you... I found this to be very effective on Boy Toy :D

MyKey said...

haha, I mentioned your comment elle, and she said that she would use the aneros, milk me at the same time. She also said that for herself she was really looking forward to the spanking!

Miss Honey said...

It is amazingly beautiful how far a person can be pushed and enjoy that pushing of boundries when it is with someone they trust unconditionally. How wonderful you have that.

MyKey said...

Hi Miss Honey

It is lovely, I know that she loves me enough and I trust her to know my limits. If anything she could push harder...

In fact we have been playing with face sitting recently, and she has been sitting for longer and longer periods before letting me breath, waiting until I am squirming around a lot before lifting up and even then sitting back down long before my breathing has recovered. She seems to like pushing my boundaries there almost beyond what I can cope with. Its been a lot of fun! Mind you she is careful and also we both know that I am strong enough to push her off if I really had to. Would love to try it one day when I am tied and helpless but the risk is so much higher it may remain a fantasy.

I should post on it sometime.