Tuesday, 9 February 2010

So what happened?

Well when we got to bed she wasn't sure what mood she was in. She teased me that maybe she just wanted a quickie before going to sleep. But as we lady and chatted it became apparent that she was feeling rather playful if little lazy.

She decided that i was going to stay locked. Actually she admitted she had decided that much earlier in the day, bit had not admitted it to me, just teased me with the hope of freedom and pleasure. In a magnanimous gesture she insisted that I wear a butt plug, so I can feel good too, while I make her cum. Further she insisted that I get on all fours and spread my cheeks as she pushed it in. A position I find especially humiliating, something she knows only to well. Finally I lay next to her and used my hands to bring her two rather nice orgasms in quick succession, trying to feel what I could of her skin on me.

As she bathed in after glow I left to wash the plug, hugged her good night, and was told to kneel at the end of the bed and massage her feet as she feel asleep. She commented that kneeling was more appropriate than sitting on the end of the bed, for a Subbie.


heelsnstocking said...

did you get to cum?

MyKey said...

Not then. Not till a week later, and then only a spoiled orgasm. Another story :)