Sunday, 14 February 2010

Beautiful valentines eve

My lovely wife sandy surprised me. She bought a beautiful card, dressed up in a lovely red underwear set which complimented her heart shaped bottom perfectly. Covered our bed with red heart shaped led lights, and gave me a totally (ok nearly totally) vanilla evening of lovemaking. She had asked me to cum earlier that day, so I was able to hold back. We made love, hugged, kissed, fucked in at least three positions. And came simultaneously. We ended the night in each others arms, happy, relaxed, healing.

She did say not to expect it again soon! She just isn't able to shuck off domme completely anymore :)

Apart from the obvious this was good because it was planned, preconceived. It showed that she had been thinking of me and made it happen. That means a lot to me!

I bought her a beautiful pair of purple suede heels. Very expensive ones but oh my god! The shoes lovers will understand. I will post a pic soon.


Sorry about the pic, the iPhone camera is rubbish! They are deep purple all over. Unlike my homemade card which was cheesy pink lol!


Petal said...

Wooohooo...go you! Sounds like a fabulous evening of fun!

And the shoes, my you need a second wife?? *wink*

heelsnstocking said...

sounds like a pefect night

looking forward to shoes pic! i have a thing for shoes....

MyKey said...

Haha. Pic posted. And I am in the Market for a second and third marriage. You both game?


Elle said...

Hey you,

I'm only seeing these posts now. Sorry to learn you're going through a rough time. Oh, how I understand you! We go through these phases too where the whole relationship just seems to be in jeopardy. When we fight, BT tends to say it puts everything into question, or it means we're incompatible. Not the most reassuring thing to hear... With time though I'm coming to realize that these are just words. They are a reflection of how upset he is, for sure, but he's not very good with the emotions stuff. The important thing is that he's still around. Actions speak louder than words, right? I guess I'm just a bit of a "words" person...

I'm sorry to talk about myself like this, I just figure perhaps something in the things I've learned could be helpful. So... From experience, I can tell you that when I'm upset, for whatever reason, I tend to lash out at BT in a "OMG, I'm unhappy!" way. If I'm grumpy, he'll definitely feel it. I'm becoming more and more conscious though that more often than not, he isn't the reason for my grumpiness and frankly, just the knowledge helps. Therapy has been helping tremendously.

That said, it sounds like she's just generally unhappy and is trying to sort of shrug the problems off, like you'd shrug out of an old coat. Her bringing up divorce could be just an attempt at changing things. She's unhappy, therefore she reacts... and it might not be the most thought-through reaction. I'm like that. I'm realizing these days that if I'm unhappy at something, I HAVE to talk about it, and because BT isn't the empathic type, or doesn't even react much, I kinda throw everything his way to make him react. I think though that you're much better at the feelings and communication stuff than BT ;)

I definitely recommend therapy. It helps to have someone guide you through your thoughts, to figure things out, especially when you're not one to introspect. I will warn you though that it makes things come to the surface, so for a while, it might not necessary be easier. All the issues that I've been carefully avoiding to think about come bubbling up and sometimes I just explode at BT. I explode because he's hard to talk with, though, so might be different for you. Once in a while we manage to calmly talk, to actually communicate, and this has done a world of good. I really feel like I'm/we're on the right track, so again, I recommend therapy! Not necessarily couple therapy, from what you says, I think she has general life issues, not really couple issues.

From this last post though, sounds like you're on the right track :)

Good luck to you both, and don't forget you can always write if you need to talk.

Vixen said...

Love the shoes.

Good to hear you are seeming a bit better..... The reconnection sometimes it the most important. Kink is fun and exhilarating...but sometimes the vanilla is much needed for reconnection. xo

MyKey said...

Hi Elle

Thanks for your message, i appreciate it. Yes I know what you mean. it can bring all the incompatibilities into focus and make you wonder if they can be overcome. The additional problem being that what is said in an argument can have such a strong impact, hard to say words to heal them.

i know you are right, it is all sorts of problems bubbling up and becoming manifest. Next thing you know youve become a focus. She has said as much herself.

THanks for the offer.

Hi Vixen

Vanilla does definately help bring you close again.

Kimberly said...

Sounds like an amazing time - and FABULOUS fucking shoes, just fabulous!