Saturday, 27 June 2009

Why outside vanilla?

You would be forgiven for wondering why I gave the blog it's title. Most of the posts are certainly not vanilla. If you look back you will find fewer posts, but still naughty. But you will also notice how amazed I am at our recent adventures.

For years I have been pushing kink in our relationship, while sandy has resisted, or joined in but very slowly and cautiously. I always knew she had it in her, but she was so very repressed it just would not come out easily. I never expected or even hoped for what we have now! Its much more than I believed was in her. A couple of years back I actually decided to find more kink elsewhere, It was putting too much pressure on our relationship. Hence the online Domme.

So when this blog was started it was about a wife and a relationship that were working and struggling to put a solid permanent foot outside of what I considered to be a vanilla foundation. But not so long after i started the blog the change began, after almost 13 years together!

Unexpected to say the least. Very welcome. But a very misleading blog name now... I hope it lasts, i think it will!


Indigo said...

I have read some of your blog, I think the title is very apt. I have written a poem about 'Vanilla' way back a few pages from the front, if you'd like to visit my blog, I'd be very happy to show you around it :-). Like you said, not alot of these blogs are any thing but Vanilla!

MyKey said...

Hi Indigo

Thanks for saying hi!

Ive been visiting your blog. I found vanilla pickle but thats not what you meant, is it? Great read though.