Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Interesting comment made by Sandy

Sandy and I went to a play club a week ago. We used to go with her as the sub years ago, but these days I'm the one that gets toyed and tormented. While there we saw a lovely girl in a pony girl outfit, blindfold and having her nipples tortured with a horse tail plug in her arse. Sandy loved this and later at home while pleasuring her i convinced her to let me try it sometime soon. On her. She made an interesting comment...

She agreed (she likes to play sub sometimes, on her terms), but not at our usual club. She preferred to be known only in her Domme role there. I don't know why but that spoke to me strongly of how much more seriously she takes her dominance. Yes its a game we play, we don't take it too seriously, but if it was just play she wouldn't mind being seen to swap on occasion. She likes her new role!

I appreciate that!

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