Friday, 19 June 2009

The grand finale

Just spent the night in one of central london's very cool bars. On top the barmaids uniform consists of a corset, just that. Needless to say I enjoyed the place :)

On Sunday night the bad deed took place. Sandy and I were both in the mood, sandy especially since she had not had sex for a week (during my week of orgasms she had a bit of a cold so hadn't wanted to be pleasured). Within scant moments of teasing she was moaning and wet and ready to go. Nasty girl was threatening not let me fuck her after all, but just to cum and go to sleep, she loves the shocked look on my face, that 'ooh god is she serious' face. What she actually wanted was a nice strong orgasm and then a good fuck.

So she had her orgasm, and boy did she look like she needed it! After a few minutes to cool off and get less sensitive I rolled onto her and slid my steely member into her, and what an incredible sensation it was too. I gave her a long, damn hard rogering. Its been a long time since I have been able to go on so long. Having had plenty of sex in the preceeding week I was easily in control of my trigger. Its also been a very long time since Sandy has enoyed being fucked in a particular position we used to enjoy, me sitting up on my haunches with her hips pulled up my thighs and my cock deep inside her, holding on to her hips and using them to thrust into her very hard and very very fast. Since having kids its a position she usually finds uncomfortable.

Now I mean very fast. I am a pretty fit guy but a few minutes of thrusting leaves me out of breath (and Sandy very wet), then I need to slow down and cool off a bit, then another fast bout, etc. By the time she was ready to cum I was out of breath and cooling off so unable to cum myself. Believe me, I had really enjoyed fucking her so hard. I had been close to the edge, but there is something special about holding on to a woman like a piece of (very sexy) meat, using her hips to hold on to as you slam in and out hard and fast, to claim her and ravage her. She was getting very wet, making wet sucking sounds as I fucked her. I could look down and see her lips spread around my cock, her lovely pert breasts bouncing to my thrusts under her very thin cotton vest. She was looking hot, just seeing her breasts bouncing almost sent me over the edge at times!

When she came I couldn't, but there was no way I was stopping. As soon as my breath came back her hands found their way to my balls and fondled me as I started one last round of hardcore fucking. She groaned out, her orgasm extending and my own swelled up, my growing cock head hitting her G spot and sending a few last waves of pleasure through her as I came.

Aaaaahhhhh, fuck yeah.

After such a good old fashioned fuck, imagine my surprise when she remembered her decision to sit on my face. I wasnt expecting this at all, and having just cum didnt want it! She wasnt taking that though, she picked up her book, slid back and sat on my face, her wet and still sensitive pussy right on my mouth, leant forward and started to read. Like a good lad I cupped her ass, kissed her pussy and pushed my tongue in as far as I could, swirling it around. A large amount of cum slipped into my mouth very quickly, but my God it tasted good! She was so wet, had been so horny, that the taste was overwhelmingly of her sensational pussy, her delicious essence, with just an added tang of cum. What a flavour! Within seconds I was horny again and loving every inch of her pussy. I kissed and ate with abandon until she felt she was clean enough. I only wish I hadnt been so out of breath so I could have savoured it more. If you havent tried this please do so, pronto!

And so ended our week. What is next? I suspect a little break from d/s but these days, I really dont know.



Giles English said...

Beautiful writing!

Anonymous said...

I wish I liked sex. I've been with my boyfriend for three years and I just can't stand it. It hurts me too much!

I'm so jealous. I'm hoping when we move in together, the sex will take care of itself. But right now, I really am not interested in it.

Sex is scary for me, you know? I've only had one other boyfriend in my life and it ended badly. And other stuff. You know, the last thing that you want sex to bring unless you are married, and even then you don't really want it? So that happened, and I 'took care of it', and now I hate sex.
I know this is a weird, very weird thing to post on a blog as a comment, but I literally just came across this blog out of the blue. And I wanted to say I'm jealous. And I wish I liked sex.

Delete this if you want to, or don't even post it. Just one of those things.

MyKey said...

Hi anonymous

that's a pretty heartfelt comment. I hope you start to like it too! Sounds like you haven't had good experiences so far.

I don't feel able to say much of value. Perhaps try to relax, lie back and explore yourself, get to know yourself , your body and your emotional reactions, with no boyfriend around. With practice it will get easier.

When I was younger I went to a counsellor for a while about my own sexual problems. Surprisingly it helped, though it didn't seem to have at the time. Something to consider?

Best of luck.


Giles English said...

I'll respond as if I knew you well enough to be straightforward:

You need to sort this out sooner rather than later: Either your inhibition will destroy the relationship; or the relationship is somehow based on your inhibition and will vaporise when you heal.

At the very least, get checked out to make sure that there isn't a physical problem resulting, e.g., from a botched medical procedure or unrelated infection.

bdenied said...

I actually sense that you probably did remember she was going to sit on your face and that was the trigger that delayed your cumming for so long. My ex did this often to me...well I mean when we did have sex and I came in her, she invariably sat on my face and had me clean it out....we did not screw very often but when we did I got back the cum I gave her, and it was one of the few things that seemed to turn her on

MyKey said...

I have to agree with Giles.

hi bd. No trust me it took me ages to cum because I was so out of breath, and had cum lots the previous week. It used to happen when I was younger also. Your ex sounds fun, except for the comment that suggests she didn't get turned on easily!