Sunday, 14 June 2009

the end of the week

Seven days have gone by, seven orgasms and seven tasty (not) deserts. It has got harder and harder to do as the week goes by, my sex drive is sated, im not allowed to touch her much and not being touched. This makes it very hard to get revved up. A couple of nights ago she gave me one minute to do it, if i failed she threatened 7 weeks of denial (instead of 7 days of cumming). Shes loving this game :)

Ok she has helped a tiny bit, but not much!

Last night it took the threat of 7 weeks of denial to get me to eat, haha. What a good way to get those subby feelings flowing again, a good hard threat.

So its over, or so I thought, but this morning she suggested that as a grande finale she should let me fuck her, but then sit on my face after and make me eat it all up. I may have been shocked, but my treacherous cock gave the game away (fool!). So perhaps tonight I will be having some very kinky fun.



Anonymous said...

By 1 minute to do it what do you mean?

1 minute to swallow?
or 1 minute to get hard, shoot and then clean the plate?

MyKey said...

1 minute to get hard and shoot. She has been nice and let me enjoy the afterglow before making me 'clean the plate', great phrase :)

bdenied said...

now that is hot....I hope she does it too.