Thursday, 11 June 2009

A week of forced orgasm

I'm not sure where this idea came from or why, but sandy decided that a break from denial should be replaced by a week of forced orgasm. Nasty woman that's she is none of these will be by her hand, she barely lets me touch her while I have to touch myself. I must have one a night for seven nights in a row, while she watches.

I don't know why, since we often watch each other while having sex, but having to do it to order when she isn't having sex with me, when she is just watching, its very embarrassing. Even more so as she decided that I must eat my cum afterwards. As most guys know the idea is hot until you cum, then it isn't, its just embarrassing. Naturally she loves that, finds it very amusing.

Last night was day four, so far she hasn't once let me off eating it.

You would imagine after weeks of denial seven orgasms would be easy. They would be if they were with her, but it takes an effort to get yourself revved up by your own hand while being watched. I have Thumper's belle fille to thank for this. She once made him fuck her while her body was covered and she was concentrating on something else (reading?). My wife found that hilarious and this is her twist on it. She loves the idea that's the orgasms are the least satisfying...

Night one was especially special... I had to cum over her ass, her cute button mind, not just on her butt cheeks, then lick it up. While I was wanking she was watching tv! Talk about dominant, it really pressed my sub buttons! I wouldn't want that often, I need my cuddles to feel in love, but now and then its fun! I enjoyed it even of it was very messy, but my god it was hard to do after I came, I really wanted to be let off, but i loved it that she stuck to her demands... How humiliating!!!

Funnily enough this week of play is bringing us closer, even if my writing just comes across as mean. 'its fun' as she says, and that makes her happy and in love.


Petal said...

I absolutely love her deviancy!

Giles English said...

Brilliant! Thanks for sharing.

What about making you try for an orgasm anally while wearing a CB?

Thumper said...

"I have Thumper's belle fille to thank for this."

She'll be tickled, but it wasn't as bad as all that. She wasn't reading a book, but it also wasn't something she was amazingly into. It was me fucking a hole so that I'd be easier to maintain afterward. I couldn't really touch her since she was only partially naked and the lights were on, so it wasn't very sexy.

What you're going through now is fascinating to me. My sub energy ebbs with every orgasm, so seven in a row would leave me quite disinclined to accept submission, but *having* to do it anyway!? *AND* eating the come afterward all while being watched...FOR SEVEN DAYS? Pure awesome. Very hot. Good for you.

bdenied said...

actually, when one has to cum this way, denial doesn't seem that bad....once in a former life the lady I was with said if I wanted to cum I had to cum on my face and mouth...she had me actually masturbate upside down and she made sure it all hit its target.

MyKey said...

Hi Petal
Thanks - So do I, although i never imagined she could be so devious..

Hi Giles
Yes we have often thought about that, didnt try it this time but probably will one day.

Hey Thumper
Yes it is hard after cumming, my sub energy drops too. I think as the last year or two have gone by I have become more attuned to my inner sub, and its easier for me to recreate the mindset. It is helped greatly (really greatly) by the fact that she isnt about to let me off. That strength of control really sets off the feelings. Besides which no isnt an option :)

BDenied, LOL! She read that and loved the idea.. How funny. I know what you mean, there comes a point you wonder wether denial would be easier.

Elle said...

I totally stole Sandy's idea. :D

MyKey said...

Well Elle, I look forward to reading about it!


Elle said...

And you will, but it didn't quite go as planned...