Sunday, 7 June 2009

What happened next?

I had interesting feedback after my last big post, to be honest I hadn't realised how d/s our relationship is these days, especially how it would appear to an outsider.

Since my last post I have cum several times. A couple of nights later we had sex, and during her second orgasm sandy wanted me inside, or at least she allowed me inside when asked. So I got to cum inside her! My good that felt good, its been ages since I have felt her silky heat envelop me, it was wow!

a few nights after that she was feeling submissive so she lay back and i pleasured her and abused her to my hearts content, cumming all over her stomach and breast as she came. Afterward I had a second one, again a very rare occurrence for us. She later admitted that even while feeling subby she seriously considered refusing my orgasms but decided not too...

a few days later the same again. We had been fooling around and I was again allowed to cum. In a sense we are taking a step back from the previous dominance high, but her control is still there which is interesting to me. I have mentioned before that in the past after a long period of dominance she usually switches off, but again she has confounded me by continuing, albeit at a lower level.

Meantime its nice to have a few orgasms in a row, I can relax from the incessant need and have a well earned break. I doubt very much it will last long.


bdenied said...

I see that the progression could go to her taking on a "bull" who dominates her while you remain submissive to her and devoid of your cock in her pussy...dream on my friend

MyKey said...

Haha, that would be fun but remains well in the realm of fantasy. Im not sure I could give up that tasty puss for long, but then I might not have the choice :)