Thursday, 13 August 2009

15 orgasms a year

That might be the future i have look forward to.

My wife and I were talking about my orgasms, shortly after a bout of begging to cum added 5 days onto my unknown sentence. I was asking about signing a contract that provided me a minimum number of orgasms, given that the way she is going I find myself more and more limited for longer and longer. Her response... No to one a week, or one every two, or three... Maybe to one a month, but actually on balance, no! She refused to have any limits or rules imposed on her. She likes to be free to do it as long or short as she wants. Only these days its almost never short.

Then we talked about my fantasy, I want one day to experience one year where I have one cum a month, no more, for a year. Just to see what it like. What she said was are you sure you want to risk it? 'you know its very likely I will get used to it and won't stop. Think how much further I go just in last nine months!'

She is right. She does go a lot further these days, and as she gets used to one level she ratchets it up a bit, subconsciously. She then went on to say that surely I am not far of that now. Again she is right, I average three weeks between orgasms, although sometimes I get a couple in between denial periods. She thought it likely that the 15 orgasm year will happen one day, probably soon. This wasn't a reference to a single year but a habit. A lifestyle.

Even if the number never drops that low it will be low enough. She is becoming a truly naughty girl who likes having her own way, and I helped create her. I may yet live to regret this. I can easily envisage this going much further than I ever guessed.


Anonymous said...

Fifteen?! That's more than one a month. I mean, geez, how the hell many do you need?

mikecb said...

My own experience is that when doing self-play, once I slow down to the once/month level or slower, the addiction to masturbation subsides.

You may find that as time goes on, your addiction to orgasms takes a back seat to your addiction to submission.

I'm a little OCD. Many of my hottest fantasies involve longer and longer periods between orgasms, until ultimately, there are none.

Hot, hot, hot!