Monday, 10 August 2009

Ten to one

On Saturday night, exactly three weeks and one day since my last orgasm, after Exactly10 orgasms for sandy, I got to cum. Finally! One very needy guy.

Even after being away for almost two weeks and having a lovely weekend break with me, her Domme side was not replaced by lovey vanilla side. I was told to kneel at the end of the bed between her legs and watch, not touch, as she gave herself two orgasms. Periodically she would reach over and put her finger in my mouth, but pointing up so I couldn't taste her properly! She knows I like, no love, to make her cum, she does this because its fun to be so mean sometimes, and get away with it, lol! I couldn't resists touching, every now and then she had to remind me to pull away or there would be consequences.

Afterwards she knelt over me and lowered her tasty wet womanhood over my mouth she gave me an exquisite hand job, she is very good at those. Not stopping when I came and ringing every last ounce of pleasure from my body. I was wrung out afterwards! And in love!

Only here's the rub, she just isn't the lovey sort, at least not in bed. So as I lay there basking in after glow, hugging her warm body close and staring into her eyes lovingly, she was itching to tickle me, then asked me, no told me, to give her a foot massage as she fell asleep.

It was lovely, she did hug me enough to make me feel loved, but her cheeky manner just made me smile and be happy to give up more of what i wanted for her pleasure. So I got tickled and massaged her and we fell asleep.

Sometimes I think I am the woman and she the man, I am the one who lies there after sex needing love and intimacy, and she has always been the one who wants to roll over and go to sleep, or get up and do something else. Luckily we have worked out our compromise positions.

She does need to feel loved as much as I, but she gets it in a different way. She gets hers by being looked after, treated gently, having me notice what she needs physically and emotionally and doing it without her asking. But not by being hugged or making love.


Thumper said...

Sometimes I think I am the woman and she the man...

It's funny you say that, because sometimes I feel the exact same way. Not so very surprising since our culture seems to attach more importance to male sexual satisfaction over female. How many women are with brutish men who only care about their own orgasms and leave her to stew after he rolls over and goes to sleep?

Also, I find the build-up of hormones makes me much more emotional and clingy. Nine times out of ten, I'm holding on to her at night, not the other way around. Just like that poor woman with the brutish husband, I'm totally dependent on her, emotionally and sexually. And she's settled into that obviously dominant role with such ease...

Gah! I have to stop. It's turning me on.

bdenied said...

about ten to one sounds delicious....but then I like the idea you express in the post above about one time a bout every other month