Friday, 4 December 2009

What's up doc?

Well not much.

We are growing together again, sandy and I. Trust is coming back. We are in love, very much so. But no kink, at least not much. I wonder if we will ever go back to domme sub. To be honest I'm not missing it. I don't know why. My sex drive is very low at the moment, of course I'm coming most days so that helps suppress it, lol! Masturbation of course, the love that dare not speak it's name in these parts. sandy isn't missing it either, still feeling a little unsure of herself. I also rather like having some of my freedom back, and being able to cum when I want. It's also very relaxing for me not to have the denial hunger gnawing at me constantly. It's more relaxing for sandy too. Even though we both loved it at the time.

Our 11 month ds period has had a few permanent changes. I still look for ways to look after her more than I used to, not that I was ever neglectful but it's upped the level some. She does for me too.

We did have a little kinky play last night. The first since the bustup. I had a long whipping that was great, got the endorphins flying high, felt like lighthearted fun. Sandy enjoyed it too. Afterwards we made love, good old fashioned fucking. She came once by my hand, then we came together wih me inside. Afterwards I lay in her arms feeling at peace with my wife. Later still we watched flashforward and i rubbed her feet. Quite nice having a but of kink and ending in a loving way.

So who knows, I suspect we will be 10% kinky 90% nilla for some time yet. But after 11 months that's probably no surprise. It's a change, one we probably needed. Someday we may explore 24/7 ds again, probably will in fact. But how soon is unclear.

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