Thursday, 10 December 2009

The pleasure of caring

Wanting to look after Sandy has not changed. I Miss it. That's changed in me perhaps permanently, that I want to do more for her and that I derive more pleasure from it.

So there will be more of that than there was before I subbed. Not as much as when I sub, that's inevitable I think, but more than before we did the ds thing.

I spoke to sandy about it today. She had an interesting take on it. She said that she thought there was a big element of having done lots of kink and that I'm probably a bit bored of it, or at least not interested if bored is too strong a word. She reminded me also, that although she has only been my domme properly for a year, that we haven't been vanilla for many many years. So we have both rediscovered the pleasure in that (and my god it is fun, and heartwarming). It seems she doesn't want the ds dynamic for now any more than I do. She thinks that she will again, she is pretty sure of that. It's fun she says. Her typical answer to what she gets out of it. But right now she is enjoying a change.

So my analytical self is starting to relax, my inner world can be explained again.


bdenied said...

YOu two are about the only couple I know that went from kink back to vanilla so suddenly...but whatever works for you works for you.....

MyKey said...

yes it was a bit sudden. mind you she was scratching at my balls last night, delicious pain. Im sure someday she and I will again. Pretty sure anyway.

Hopefully you will still have fun stuff to read here, albeit not right now.

Milliscent said...

Variety lends a great spicy feeling all it's own. I know that my own desires have changed dramatically over time in my personal relationships, the kink is always there but it changes, and heck, sometimes plain vanilla is perfect. I think that changing it up from time to time can be great.