Thursday, 31 December 2009

Snowy new year

Its snowy on the mountains in Wales, beautiful. Lucky people to live in such a beautiful place.

Last night neither sandy our I were in the mood to make love, we were feeling very naughty. I had her gagged, having her ass filled with her dildo, fantasizing that she was being fucked and abused by a sexy couple, a dildo gag pressed in her mouth and the other womans pussy, the guy fucking her ass, me gagged, kneeling and watching, waiting to clean up. She came on my tongue with the dildo fucking her hard and deep.

After she came she made me clean her toys and gagged me, made me kneel in the cold room while she read for a while. I was so horny after playing with her that I was hard the whole time. I wasn't allowed to touch her or me. After about 5 minutes she let me in the bed. To cut a long story short I was given an intense orgasm with her finger coated in deep heat in my ass, my ass burning, and her other hand masturbating me while she whispered filth in my ear.

Not exactly vanilla, I guess making love can wait a while.


bdenied said...

very hot let us hope it happens

MyKey said...

We made love in the end on the last day of our vacation, before returning home. It was passionate but loving, and I can honestly say that I felt so loved and loving afterwards. Very at peace. It was a lovely way to end the vacation and left me with warm feelings for days!