Saturday, 26 December 2009

Newly submissive

Over the last two weeks sandy and I have been playing ds games again. It started off very gently, after we last made love we joked about me not coming till Christmas day, and decided to go for it. But that was all, lighthearted playing. Over the course of the two weeks we have gone deeper into it though, I think we had both missed it, though the break did us good. Still not taking it too seriously, but she is happy demanding tea and pampering in front of my in laws, and is also enjoyed her orgasms leaving me denied. The break at christmas is on us and we will probably make love. But we have both made it clear that after we will go back to ds. I feel like I am home again, protected and protector in her arms.

I look forward to a good long fuck, I am waxed, she is also bare. I love the feeling of sinking deep into her until my bare skin rests hot against her pubis. Yum!

So baby steps but less baby than we thought they would be.

One final thing, we chatted about a humiliation game this morning, her leadig me naked through a club, gagged, blindfold and on a lead. Leaving me tied to something while she goes to the bar. She got rather turned on by the thought. He hasn't ever really got turned on by being dominant before. She loves doing it but it doesn't usually mAke her horny. So clearly she is getting more and more into the role.

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