Sunday, 27 December 2009


a couple of little playtime posts. the morning of Christmas eve we knew that we werent going to have much time to make love in the next couple of days, so I suggested we fool around. I had also just bought a ball gag with a gift voucher, Sandys gift voucher and therefore her gift.

Net result, she decided that fooling around meant I would be gagged and naked, kneeling by the side of the bed, not allowed to cum, watching her masturbate. She had a lovely strong orgasm, and admitted that she enjoyed seeing me desperate and hearing my moans through the gag. After she came I lay in her arms for a while, still gagged, but snuggling. It was surprisingly intimate and loving.

Boxing day we were due to make love, but after 2 weeks without cumming I wouldn't be able to hold back. I asked if I could come once or twice before making love. She agreed, but with her own dominant twist... So I got to masturbate over her pert lovely bottom, and was made to lick it up from her centre. I had to do that before pleasuring her, so as to make the orgasm less pleasurable. Of course being pushed into submission like that made it delicious anyway! She came with my thumb in her ass and her fingers rubbing her clit hard, with the remains of my cum lubricating her pleasure.

Fun! Next, making love and a bit of vanilla interlude. I think.


bdenied said...

just love your kinky games and your openness to explore....that was a hot read

MyKey said...

Hi bd

thanks for the comment. What I love, but still find hard to believe, is that these were sandy's ideas, not mine!

bdenied said...

when the wife comes up with these ideas then they are even more sexy than they would be if we had to ask them to do being gagged and kneeling by the bed while she did herself was very hot...basically she was telling you to keep your mouth shut and watch....

MyKey said...

Exactly. Didn't happen for most of our life but now she is coming up with a lot of stuff like this. It's extra hot.

Yup, be quiet and watch. She knows I want to pleasure her, to touch her, and she likes to deny me that sometimes. Now she likes to stop me even begging.