Tuesday, 22 September 2009

More dominant traits appear

Tonight sandy played domme again. Aftera short cuddle in bed she stated that she was about to brush her teeth, then she was going to read while I massage her feet. Bear in mind I still gave a cold, so this level of being demanding isn't like her. After brushing I was made to crawl on all fours to the bedroom and wait for her like that at the end of the bed. When she walked in she made me beg, not ask but beg, to be allowed to kiss her feet. I was very embarrassed, it took a couple of minutes to get so i could do it to her satisfaction. She pointed her feet at me and then a very hard cock and horny subby knelt arse in air and face down kissing and worshipping her feet. I felt I was in my place, at the feet of the women i love and submit to.

Then she flounced away, shimmied out of her panties, and made me get started on her feet. It was all I could do not to jump that delectable arse as she uncovered it!

She told me that the power trip when I knelt and kissed made her tingly, turned her on. Of course her saying that turned me on even more.


Mistress L said...

The feeding off each other's roles that you two have going sounds very hot!

Elle said...

Not bad for a sick boy ;)

Glad to read you, it had been a while!