Friday, 8 May 2009

Interesting insight

Sandy, my wife, left this comment on my last post. I must confess I found it interesting, an insight I dont often get to see. She doesnt talk about her feelings much, she isnt usually the introspective sort. I love that its an 'explosion of intimacy' for her, it sure is for me. Having introduced her to this I need the reasurrance that this is good for her not just for me. I also love that she would find it hard to go back to an equal footing. Yes its hawt!!! But its also reassuring. As she said, we have had enough bad years to really appreciate those things that build up our confidence in each other.

On a horny note I came this morning. Last night we had sex. She came 3 times, and kept me so close to the edge for almost all of that time. I was begging her to stop, practically cracking up. I really wanted her to back off it was so hard to cope with. She had an evil and fun glint in her eye and was relishing my obvious struggles, she refused point blank, telling me she liked keeping me so near to tipping but not allowing it. I found it very hard, but afterwards we felt very close for it.

This morning after a month without, she was sat on me, just sat and chatting. A sudden movement of her hips and pussy against the root of my cock was the trigger I needed and a small cum popped out, moments after she told me that she wanted my next orgasm to be spoilt as she was feeling mean. It was spoilt, nowhere near enough sensation. She found it hilarious that I was so near trigger point after all this, that a mere involuntary movement would set me off, and that she got her wish, a very spoilt orgasm...

For myself I can only say that after her being sat on me, her wonderful naked body on show, a naughty conversation, and the sight and feel of her lips spread over my cock, that I had ample stimulation in my state, I was actually having to hold back even before that involuntary movement. Trigger happy she called me, and indeed I was. I am still very horny, I hope she doesnt count this my orgasm for the month!

Also a thank you to you thumper for the link to my last post. His relationship with his belle fille seems so similar to mine with Sandy, I can really feel the force of what he says.

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