Wednesday, 13 May 2009

I finally came

On Sunday night sandy and I were shattered. We hadn't slept well Saturday, done lots of gardening. Been for a long cycle with the kids and had the kids friends round for hours playing in the garden.

By the time we got to bed neither of us wanted to play. Sandy asked for a back massage to ease her aches. I agreed, she deserves it. Anyway tired as I was, doing something for her despite that tiredness made me feel good. More caring, more submissive...

After a fairly long massage she rolled over and cuddle up to me. Then she started playing with me, making me hard. Pretty soon she was on her knees with my cock in her mouth, slurping away like it was a tasty ice-cream. She doesn't often want to give blow jobs, but she is damn good at them. I told her she didn't have to do this, but apparently I had been so nice to her massaging her despite my obvious tiredness that she wanted to do something for me.

And she did... She sucked, licked and slurped with obvious enjoyment untili was about to cum. Kept me on the edge for a while as I warned her I was close. I thought that would be it, but after my last warning she indicated for me to relax and enjoy, and she pushed me over the edge with my cock deep in her mouth!

She never let's me cum in her mouth! This is the second time, ever.

I'm never very loud, but I was LOUD!

And after I came she pushed me back, rose up and kissed me hard, snowballing all my cum to me to swallow. Fuck me I enjoyed that!

Afterwards I also made her cum, by her wetness she was obviously aroused by what she had done. Yesterday she told me she had been thinking about the bj and getting tingly over it.

So we had a ball ;)

Moving on. Usually she likes to tease and deny me for very long periods. It's about 6 weeks since I last came. Then she likes to stop the game and let me cum lots for a while. She hasn't yet decided whether to continue or not so in the meantime, till she decides, I'm not allowed to cum. Usually the longer I go without the more I crave it, until eventually, after a long while, I really do want to cum. I was at that stage well over a week ago but she couldn't care less. Then when the game ends I like to cum a few times, but for now that is denied me. Part of me is finding it harder not to jack off now I have tasted an orgasm, but another part is loving the continuation of her control. What is a man to do?

Answers on a postcard please. But remember it dont matter what you or I suggest, she will without a doubt do whatever pleases her. As it should be :)



bdenied said...

I think she had it planned that if you were going to get a blow job you were going to get a taste of your own medicine.....Sandy is really hot....

MyKey said...

I am not sure it was pre-planned. She isnt like that (I will ask her though, she isnt the woman she used to be). But I am sure once she decided to let me cum she knew that this would be the price.

She is hot to me, glad others think so too!