Sunday, 31 October 2010

Very quick sexy update

I am out of time. Need to get on so this will be brief.

Woke up and played. Sandy started to tease me about what she and her boyfriend had got up to. That got me worked up pretty damn quickly, but it did her too! She told me how good he feels inside her, how she loves the feeling of being filled with him, having him thrusting into her. As she said this she was thrusting herself against me. Suddenly she had an idea and got me in between her legs, rubbing her pussy against my cock and teasing me about how good it would feel if only I were allowed to fuck her, the way he had been. She wouldn't let me penetrate her but I could feel her heat and soaking wetness. She teased herself and me with her wet pussy. I was begging to be allowed in and she loved saying no, it was turning her on hugely to deny me. I was craving her pussy so badly, for a while I was very close very quickly!

But... to cut a long story short by the time she got totally worked up she was playing with her clit, the tip of my penis against her, and cheeky sub that I am I pushed a tiny bit in. She loved it and that was that, within a few minutes I was balls deep in her hot pussy, she was arching her back and thrusting back at me as she rubbed her clit and gave herself a very big orgasm, me thrusting deep inside. It was heavenly. Of course once she came I was pushed right out :)

Then a second orgasm by my hand.

Then she pulled me on to her again and pressing my cock head against her clit she rubbed herself to a third orgasm, this time just the tip of my cock inside her, me flexing to make my head grow and stretch her as she came.

And finally a couple of thrusts and she pulled me out and let me cum all over her bare pussy and soft tummy.

Lol! So much for the pussy ban, but we sure enjoyed it!


Milliscent said...


Now that it is banned from time to time, I imagine that you will appreciate it so much more! ;-)


MyKey said...

its a fun trip and I certainly enjoy it more knowing its been limited. In the last three years we fuck so rarely, maybe a few times a year, that its not such a change in reality. The psychological component is the big difference that makes it exciting.