Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Saturday night dancing

Saturday night she was out with her lover at a trendy london club, one of those places that celebs and footballers go. It seems he knows the owner there. I spent saturday evening pleasuring her, lying in bed with my cock in her hand edging me while I brought her to the brink of orgasm several times. She did not allow me to make her cum though, she is enjoying denying me that and wants to save it for him (not that he has managed to make her cum yet, ha!). After that I made her a gin and tonic (she demanded one) and was then on my knees naked holding her drink while she got dressed. I was allowed to kiss her feet several times and her freshly shaved pussy once or twice, but mainly I admired her beautiful form as she dressed, occasionally holding her drink up to her when she needed it and taking it from her outstretched hand when she was done. No please or thank you was said, she just looked imperiously at me as she did it. I was totally in my place on my knees and she totally loved seeing me there. Part way through I was ordered to put on my chastity belt before kneeling back down with her drink in hand. She ended up wearing black patent high heels, sheer black tights, very short very tight pinstrip skirt and a slightly see through sparkly black top with bare arms. Deep red lips and dark eyes.

In an aside while looking for her coat she found the harness for our strap on which we thought we had lost. Fantastic. I noted that she could use it on me soon and her eyes lit right up. Its been a while since she has fucked me and it seems she has missed it.

Before she left the house we made out, she was grinding her crotch into the front plate of my belt, teasing my mouth by fucking it with her tongue and breathing heavily into me. I had her firm butt in my hands which was barely contained by her skirt. It was obvious I was melting with lust and desire for her and equally obvious she was utterly enjoying herself. I kissed her a final goodbye, dropped to my knees and kissed each of her feet, the last thing I kissed before she left the house to meet the other man.

Further update after the visit...

Sandy was tired before she went out and did not want a late night, nor did she want to go to his place afterwards. I was expecting her home by 2:30 at the latest. I had said it was fine if she wanted to go out later but to text me so I didn't worry. She said she would.

I worked till about one then went to bed. Woke at 2:30, just by chance not by design and checked the time and for messages. Nothing, but that's fine. A little while later texted her to see if she was having a nice time. More of a gentle check up. No reply but I knew in the club she wouldn't have her phone, so I started worrying a bit but told myself I shouldn't. After another hour I was so concerned I sent another text asking if she was OK. I got a reply a few minutes later but it was very cryptic and did little to ease my mind. I asked what she meant. No reply. Now I was really worried but I didn't want to disturb her when she is probably fine and I am just being silly. I couldn't shake it off though. At four I texted one last time and when I got no reply I decided it was enough and called her, getting through on the second attempt only, more worry. She said she was OK and on her way home and my heart stopped beating quite so fast.

I was so damned worried, I wondered if I had overreacted but thinking about it later I realised that so many things had not added up that I was right to. Even her odd reply which it turns out had been her trying, while receiving oral, to tell me she had cum twice. Lovely idea crap execution. It was so odd I wondered if someone else had her phone.

She was very apologetic. We hugged, she told me she loved me and a bit about her night before she went to sleep. I slept badly and my dreams were full of anger at her. My subconcious was telling me something that I hadn't realised while awake. I was angry with her for scaring me.

Next day we talked about it, she agreed she had been very silly not to get in touch and had between swept up in the moment. She agreed I had good reason to worry and did not want me not to check up on her as she liked the security net. We agreed on a sign in her texts to show she is OK and it really is her, and she will be more careful next time.

Panic over, but by god it scared me.

Anyway she had a really good time but my own experience was rather overshadowed.


Suzanne said...

A nice little story, and a lesson learned. Your worry is commendable. It is certainly an interesting aspect of cuckolding, when the Cuckoldress is somewhat dependent on the cuckold to help keep her safe.

Thumper said...

I think the worrying like that would be the hardest part, especially if I didn't know the guy or the place they were going. I don't think you overacted at all. I'd have been frantic.

MyKey said...

Hi Suzanne and Thumper

Neither Sandy or I think I overreacted any more, but I was less sure of myself at the time I called. At 4am things often seem worse than normal. Also I know that Sandy does trust him pretty well, and I trust her judgement. What was in my head was less about him and more about what may have happened at the bar, if they had been separated and her drink spiked. With hindsight she likes that I was looking out for her and wants me to continue. As do I.