Monday, 18 October 2010

Chastity conversation with a normal friend

I have a good friend, she is a lovely girl and we get on very well. She and I even had a couple of very minor dalliances in the past. She isn't especially naughty, she is naughty in the way openminded vanilla folk are. Plays a bit with dressing up and silk ties to the bedposts.

She came with me when I got my piercing, mainly because we happened to be having lunch beforehand.

A few days ago over lunch she asked if she could see a picture of it. I showed her the one on this blog, which she liked. She asked me why I had done it. I told her partly because I liked it, but then throwing caution to the wind told her it was also so I could wear a chastity belt. She caught on very quick and to my surprise loved the idea of holding the key. 'The fun I could have teasing you' she said.

At times like that I wish I were single!



Florida Dom said...

So how often do you wear the belt?


Thumper said...

At times like that I wish I were single!

No kidding!

MyKey said...

Hey Florida

Not often, used to be a day or so every few weeks. Recently it's a day a week when Sandy is out with her lover.

Our chastity games are more mental.