Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Coming to America!

I might be coming to New York soon on business. Anyone want a visit?

I mentioned to sandy that I might be traveling for a few days soon. Her first half joking comment was about having her lover over. Her second totally serious one was about locking me in the new chastity belt, the Pa-5000 while I'm gone. She is a bad but fun puppy.

Yes that might be possible. I went up a gauge today, to the thickness of the pa-5000 ring. Another month to get used to it and I might just be on a traveling lock up.

My god it hurt. It hurt much more than the piercing itself. We had to stop halfway for me to get used to it and at that point the thick end looked very thick indeed! But it got done and its fine now, just a bit tender.


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Thumper said...

Damn, and here I am 1,200 miles from New York...