Monday, 11 October 2010

Playtime at last

Sandy and i finally had our long overdue playtime last night. She stripped naked, she has recently shaved so the alabaster color of her skin extends unbroken from neck to feet, a beautiful sight. She then put on a pair of very high spiked heels, from this post. This is a first, usually I ask her to dress up. It felt very sexy kneeling at her feet, sexy heels at eye level and looking up at her statuesque body, Shaven pussy, pert breasts and lovely smile. She was already having fun, she has really missed playtime with me and her dominant itch needed scratching. Unsurprisingly she went straight for her riding crop, and laid into my arse for probably twenty minutes straight. She alternate hard with very hard, light taps but fast and stingy, really hard deep strokes. She forced me to keep my chest down and arse up even during the hardest strokes, grinding her heel on to my back, using her weight and the sharp point of the heel to force my body to the floor. She made me put my head to the ground and kiss her feet as she whipped me, taunting me that I was being a wuss and could take more, that I was out of practice even as she upped the intensity.

I will always remember being made to worship her feet in the heels while she stood in front of me, whipping the crop into my arse crack repeatedly hitting my hole, making it sting and burn, while admonishing me not to slobber on her feet and ruin her shoes. I wasn't of course but she liked humiliating and taunting me. She was well into the mood. Later she crouched behind me so I could see her pussy pouting as I looked back between my legs, then started whipping my balls knowing I did not want to pull away and lose the view.

A short bout of tickling followed, short but intense, then she ordered me to insert our largest butt plug, she wanted me plugged as she peed all over me. She was dead pleased with the idea. Since she wasn't ready yet she ordered me to remain on all fours on the floor at the foot of the bed, plugged and facing away from her while she relaxed for a while texting her lover and admiring my arse. I wasn't allowed to look at her. I must have been there for ten minutes and asked to look at her several times before being allowed to turn. When finally I was allowed to turn i found her lying on her side with her curves enhanced by her position, her diamond between her legs visible and her finger idly tracing over her arse and lips. Every now and then she would peek over at me and smile. I wasn't allowed to touch, I must have spent another thirty minutes kneeling there drooling wanting needing, and being denied. Two or three times I couldn't help myself and jumped on to the bed, hugging her and rubbing myself into her. Each time she started counting fast until I got back on my knees, then whipped me hard that many strokes to teach me my place. The last time I buried my face in her very wet cunt and tasted and drank her until she reached forty, I couldn't drag myself away. Mercifully only twenty of the strokes were hard but she was almost squeeling with fun as I squirmed to escape the crop.

Finally unable to stand the sight of the feast I pulled her down the bed a little way, staying on my knees I buried my head in her thighs and began to gently lick her, very gently, keeping her relaxed mood, I spent twenty minutes just gently pleasuring her and tasting her. For a girly who doesn't usually like oral this was unusual, but she found it very relaxing being very lightly played and licked while texting.

Sadly that's where it ended as my daughter chose that time to be sick in her sleep...

By the time we finished up it was late and sandy was tired, but she did need a pee. So one last little play as she ordered me into the bath, stood over me with her legs spread and let flow over my face and body. She always enjoys the dirtyness of it, and the enjoyment I get from it.

And there it ends. A lot of fun, no orgasms.


Milliscent said...


It sounds like a perfectly delightful evening!


Thumper said...

Except for the kid barf, yeah. Lucky you!