Sunday, 31 October 2010


I got woken up at about 12:30 by footsteps running down the garden to the summer house. A flushed and relaxed but tired looking Sandy came in smiling, sat on the bed and began to untie me. She told me that she had had fun, and that it had taken her a while to get him home as he was very comfortable lying around.

Once back in bed she made her need very clear. She had not cum and after making me go down on her and lick her pussy, the pussy he had been inside (she was very clear about why she was making me go there), she took my hand and put it between her legs. I know what to do! I teased her and played with her, backing off several times until she cried out in frustration 'just fucking do it'. Soon after that I took her over the edge in a very powerful orgasm. She was much louder than usual and it lasted a long long time. The aftershocks probably lasted a minute or more. Not long after that a second orgasm, and then she told me in her domme voice that she was tired and we were going to sleep.

I went to sleep frustrated, horny, and with my cock nestled against her soft pert ass, and my arms around the woman I love.


Anonymous said...

Lovely... lovely that she would demand a huge orgasm from you and then leave you, well, hanging... Hope you slept well.

Yet it is strange that she did not orgasm with her lover despite the penetration. Not that many women have orgasms through penetration. My wife does not. She has to stimulate herself even during penetration (that is, stimulate her clitoris) to get an orgasm. Does your wife not do something like that when she is with a lover and the lover is inside her?

MyKey said...

I did sleep very well, thanks!

From what I can tell he is a very big boy, and like many big boys his experience is almost all in that area. She doesn't cum from penetration alone and he hasn't been able to make her cum manually. Also neither of them like condoms. I think in the very near future they will both get tested and then go bareback, Sandy will almost certainly do what you say and touch herself while being fucked. Like your wife it is the only way she can cum in that situation.