Sunday, 10 October 2010

Mi esposa es tu chica

So is she or isnt she? Am I or arent I?

Good lord that was a strange night! She went over there with a slight cold and I thought she might just be in the mood to chill and chat. Before she left she insisted I lock myself up, as I said in my last post, and she got dressed, so it was obvious something might happen.

I sat at home, tidied up, did some chores, wrote a post, watched some porn (yes cheating wife porn), wished I could touch myself. Then realising that porn without any stimulation is quite dull I watched some TV. Turned off the light, closed my eyes, imagined what might be going on and then imagined it some more. At that point the steel tube on my neosteel split and my raging member escaped, homing in on the nearest woman like a missile. That last part sadly didnt happen by the way.

I had a text exchange with her just after she got there where she said this game was fun!!!

I was at first just relaxing but as the time went by and it was almost midnight it became obvious that she would have been home by then if nothing was going on. That got my imagination racing and suddenly it became very hard to focus on anything else. I wasnt sure quite how I felt, there were no negative emotions, no jelousy or fear, but a strange mix of lust, submission, curiosity, and happiness for her. I was very horny, but by midnight I was falling asleep. I dozed probably for only 5 minutes before she got home. After pottering downstairs for a few minutes she came up to bed, smiled and slunk over the bed still fully dressed. She was very amorous and looked at me with lust drunken eyes, saying huskily 'i've been very naughty...'

Oh God, I did burst! She had done it, enjoyed it, and was here telling me that she had fucked him in a tone of voice that made it obvious she loved it. She told me a bit about the evening as she unlocked me, how they had chatted for a little while then they had undressed, how he loved her lack of panties and it had been making her tingly all evening not wearing them. How good he felt inside her and how filled she was. By this time I was teasing her soaking, dripping slit and she was getting really hot. He still hasnt been able to make her cum, my gain! She pushed my head down to her pussy making me lick her, telling me how he had been inside her pussy, asking could I taste the rubber and her juices and know, know for sure her pussy had been his. The talk was getting her off big time. In pretty short order I was on the edge from her teasing, and she had had her first orgasm. The first of three, lucky girl! And what an orgasm it was, it must have lasted over a minute. We had been fantasising as I pleasured her, and in chatting I happened to ask her if I would ever be allowed to be unlocked while she was away. I wasnt entirely surprised that the answer was no but i was surprised how strongly she felt about it. She basically said it really really turns her on to have me locked and be fucking him, knowing the state i am in, knowing i cant touch myself while I am so desperate to because of the thoughts of her. Her saying it and thinking of it had an immediate impact on her lust, her voice actually dropped deeper, her hips ground against me and I swear I felt an extra wetness flow from her as she was telling me this. I was utterly shocked and totally turned on by how much it turns her on to keep my cock locked up while she plays. In fact she ended up telling me that I am now banned from her pussy, might be only a few weeks or it might be as long as she is seeing him. The timescale is unknown but she confirmed afterwards that she was serious about denying me entry to her for a while.

She loves this game, she is stunned how much she enjoys it. She loves having another man to play with, loves the dynamic between us that is developing, and loves teasing me and denying me about it all. She keeps making little comments all throughout the day and teasing me. She is certain she will do it again with him. Funnily enough this is making us closer too, and more in love.

She did ask several times if I minded, it feels good hearing her ask even though I dont mind at all, and she needed the reassurance. She has also asked if I mind that she cares about him, by which she means as a friend who she values. Of course I dont mind, she isnt falling in love and I would almost be more concerned if she was so hard hearted as to not feel something for him. Our relationship is clearly not being harmed by it, quite the opposite.

Oh and of course I didnt get to cum, its not the weekend. Even after having so much fun she is absolutely strict about that. Damn!


Milliscent said...


Congratulations! It sounds like you both had a delicious evening, apart, yet linked.


Anonymous said...

Wow... what an exciting night! I'm glad you got to get Her off, after her fun night. I can imagine the frusexcitement as you wondered what was happening. Sorry you're banned from Her pussy for now, but maybe things will change, sometime.

Thumper said...

Um, sorry. My mouth went dry.

Carry on...

MyKey said...

Hi All. I was a delicious evening, and yes in a funny way together even when apart.

I am sure the ban wont be forever but it could be weeks or months. Its a damned tease, I keep seeing her pussy and remembering how good it feels. You always want what you cant have!

Err hey Thumper, sorry bout that :)

heelsnstocking said...

wow that sounds so hot, i love it when my partner has told me what he has been doing it turn s me, i crave every detail

MyKey said...

I know what you mean heels. You want to hear more and let it feed your inner fires.