Friday, 1 October 2010

The three week mark, living with a prince Albert.

A few days ago I reached three weeks. To recap the first week and a bit was pretty painless but messy. By late week two I had confidence that I wasn't going to bleed all over the place. By then I also had a touch of swelling, I suspect I had allowed it to get a bit dirty and picked up a very mild infection. No pain, minor discomfort, little redness. A few days of regular and thorough salt baths, ten minutes and three times a day sorted that out. I think I might have a tiny bit of swelling still but sandy believes it to be part of the normal healing process, increased blood flow to promote healing. She does have expertise in the life sciences.

At this stage it looks almost healed! So quickly, I'm used to months for a Frenum and still it wasn't perfect. This looks almost done and I think I can go up a gauge now, though I intend to give it one more week for extra confidence.

I love it, its sexy, feels nice, I love the subtle weight of it dangling and like seeing it there. The anarchist in me revels in my moment of counter culture subversion. Suit on the outside maybe but I'm still me somewhere in there.

I can pee!!! It takes care to line it up and put pressure on my head just so, I need to spread my legs wide just in case and stand very close to the urinal, but I can do it! Excellent news as I do like to go to the pub.
I am as the advert says lovin' it.

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Milliscent said...


Congratulations! In my experience most with PA's must sit to pee. You are a lucky boy!