Thursday, 7 October 2010

Out again, the tart!

So She who was sick has recovered a little. I didnt expect any sex until the weekend, let alone any possible extramarital engagement. Its been quiet on the sex front for the last week and a half with both of us having the cold. When I say quiet I mean almost non-existant. Sandy and I both felt the need to play, really properly play, last week. We had planned it for the weekend. She wanted to whip me, tickle me, she wanted to pee on my face, she was missing it. I for one needed, needed in the way only a kinky kinky sub needs it, a really good proper session of being abused and owned. Sadly the colds destroyed first me then her. No play. Actually sunday morning I teased her a little, she got very turned on while we talked about how she would feel if she actually fucked the boyfriend. She was very turned on but we both agreed for her not to cum then but to save it. If I felt up to it Sunday night we would play. If not she joked that he would get the benefit of a woman horny from a week without sex. In fact she half joked that she wouldnt let me make her cum that night either and save it all for him. In fact she said maybe she would do that often (she was joking).

In actual fact we didnt play that night, nor did she visit him on monday as she got sick herself... I thought that there would be at least a few days before anything could happen between us, and longer before she wanted to go out.

How wrong I was.

Tonight when she got home from work she looked fantastic. Business suit, crisp shirt, tan thigh highs underneath. I who havent cum for a week and a half couldnt keep my hands off her. She enjoyed the attention, and the desperate attentive state I was in amused her. She playfully, but seriously said that she intended to go and see him tonight, and did I mind. Actually I possibly did, I said im happy for her to go as long as she is feeling well, but not to push herself and have the cold bite back, its a doozy. She promised if she felt at all tired she would stay at home, but that she felt rather well.

We cuddled for a short while and chatted. I enjoyed the feel of her nearly naked body against me, she had taken off her work clothing but the thigh highs were still on. She wasnt sure if she was in a dominant mood at first but after 5 minutes sat on top and started teasing me a bit. She said she had made up her mind, she was in the mood and I was expected to lock my cock up before she went out, she didnt want me playing with myself while thinking of her adventure. She really enjoyed denying me that at a time I would be so desperate to tease myself. So I just spent the last 20 minutes watching and helping her dress. Ten inch denim mini, dark tights (hose) with no panties (her idea, she fantasised about it the other day and obviously it stuck with her), no bra, tight vest and pretty shirt. As if that wasnt enough, and my locked cock wasnt already bending steel, she bent over to get her high pointed heel black leather knee boots. First wear of the winter and its for his benefit and my tease. She knew exactly what she was doing, even looking back at me for the reaction she was fully expecting to cause.

There we are. She may not go over to his after her errands if she is feeling unwell. She may go over and just chat, but she may end up playing and I have no idea. Its driving me crazy with lust, and all that does is make her enjoy denying me more.

Analysis ---

She suggested she go see him, she pushed it, she wanted it. I didnt have to encourage her or tell her its ok at all. This is a first, its her game now. I told her she was enjoying this more than she expected she would and she wholeheartedly agreed. She admitted that she enjoys the game as much as I do, another surprise for me. It also makes her feel more dominant toward me (and more loving).


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bdenied said...

well what you wrote about that hottie of yours surely got my friend interested...woke him up out of a dead sleep