Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Bound cuck

I am currently lying tied up and belted in our summer house while Sandy entertains her lover in our bedroom. This is where i will spend my evening, bound curled up in a ball. She on the other hand has dinner and then sex.

We had great fun tying me up and getting her ready! Was a right giggle.

Safe sane and consensual. There is a weak link in the bindings that I can snap in an emergency and then free the rest of myself so don't worry. Of course if it isn't an emergency this will be punished.


Update. Almost four hours bound. I've always wanted to try long period bondage. It's a peaceful feeling. You just have to stop and let your body and mind relax. Nothing else to do! Except use this phone of course :) I am starting to feel a little cramp now, but it's coming and going. Time to stop soon i suspect.

Oh and I could just see into the house while they ate. After dinner she sat in his lap facing him for a while making out, her sexy legs and bare feet swinging and when she leant back her breasts jutting out. Dressed. She looked the sexiest! And (you may laugh) but she's mine. How lucky am I!


Anonymous said...

Did your wife tell you more about her tryst of the other night (when you worried because she was not answering her phone). She did have a few orgasms, that much was clear. But did her BF penetrate her? did she tease you by telling you how good it was (if it was good)?

bdenied said...

so then how did you manage to write this

ritemate said...

Great solution! This way Sandy is safe in Her home, and doesn’t risk getting into trouble. Did her lover stay the whole night?

MyKey said...

Hey anonymous
She did tell me more, but it was rather overshadowed. She went dancing and then want back and fooled around but no penetration. There was some teasing but I think a better story will come out when I write about future visits. Its still early days.

BD - an excellent question. Imagine my cuffed hands bound to a collar. In my hand is my iphone about 6 inches from my face. Slowly :) I did get to read some stories though, and worried about dropping the phone because I wasnt sure i would have been able to pick it back up.

Ritemate, this is true but impractical as we usually have our kids with us. No he didn't stay, she doesn't want to stay overnight with him, certainly not yet. The fun of this is the excitement of new sex and friendship, to turn it into an overnight is to start dealing with practicalities and lose the gloss. Why go there?