Friday, 13 March 2009

Plusses and Minuses

Sandy is still feeling down.

On the minus side - Hormones, bit of a mild cold, another rejected job application, missing adult company.
On the plus side, lots of time at home with kids at a lovely age, My job covers us enough to not worry too much, food on the table, roof over our heads and good health.

It shouldnt be a contest should it. There are so many people so badly off in the world, that I sometimes despair at our 'humanity'. We are lucky. Yet we cant help being who we are, and after 8 months of looking for a job it is not surprising that she feels low some days. Luckily she is an incredibly resilient woman, more so than i am (resilient that is, i am not a woman, at least not on the weekdays ;) ). Looking for a part time job, let alone one which pays enough to cover childcare is extremely hard in a bull market, but in these economic times its nearly impossible. She keeps getting so close but not quite. i am sure it will come, and in the meantime she gets lots of hugs from me and the kids. Some of her friends have the opposite problem, working so much they never see their kids.

So on balance all is well with us, this moment will pass, by sunday I predict, at the latest.

Oh yes, tomorrow we are out at a 70s party. Probably just what she needs. One Freddy Mercury (complete with skinny girls jeans and adidas trainers), and one electric blue catsuited disco diva coming up. Might post pics if I can.

Verbal diarrhoea over. Spluuuurge.


Elle said...

Yup, there's always someone so much worse off than we are. But... We can only live and feel what we go through ourselves, so I would say it's normal to feel down if something we perceive as bad happens to us.

When I feel down, Boy Toy always mentions the starving children in Africa. I want to kick him :P I'd much prefer if he hugged me, like you do for Sandy! Maybe you should give him lessons. Hey, that'd be a great excuse for us to go to England! :D

MyKey said...

As you say, we feel through our own experience. I know mine changed from seeing the wreck of the old soviet union, and what people had to go through living there at the time.

Yes, men try to fix or logic their way out of things. So do I naturally, takes an effort to remember that often all we need is a hug. Funny thing is, often its what I need too, and Sandy took a while to learn that as well.

Haha, see you soon then. Dread to think what you would teach Sandy!