Tuesday, 31 March 2009

I Hate High School Musical

I cant begin to describe how much. Or why.
It espouses some of the worst, most superficial aspects of American culture, holding them up as the be all and end all of aspiration.

Troy - the rugged individualist, heart in the right place, macho, fighting the odds by himself.
Whats wrong with this picture? He isnt all man, he isnt getting there all by himself, he isnt doing it against all odds. He is about as lucky as a human being on this planet in 2009 can be. Comfortably off, talented in everything he turns his hand to, popular, oh and good looking as well.

Gabrielle - the simpering idiot. Supposedly smart but all she ever does is act pretty and simper at Troy. Whats wrong here? Woman, defined by man, defined by looks, must hide intelligence and act like a fluffy bunny rabbit to be accepted in society. Feh.

Kelsi - Smart, Geeky. In Jellyfish's own words as I cant say it better... Kelsi's acceptance by the group takes the form of some jock taking away her hat and getting her to shoot the basketball, followed by a prettifying makeover avec stupid one-strap Supre top and sequinned belt.

Not to mention the overwhelming obsession with teen relationships without even a hint of physical intimacy (cos that would be wrong)! Yes I remember Britney gyrating around sexually in a schoolgirl uniform or catsuit, while it was claimed in all seriousness that she was a good christian 'virgin'. Talk about double standards!

I must have watched the first two a hundred times (yes I have young kids), and I just cant describe the trivial horror of it. As you can see when I try I sound pompous and too serious, but I know someone who can do a much better job. I nearly peed myself reading this :) Eloquently said!


Ms. Catherine said...

I have never been forced to watch High School Musical. Thank God!

But I have seen the animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars about 20 times. So I can appreciate your need to get it all out and exorcise the trivial horror of it all...

Petal said...

I too have been tortured with High School Musical.... 1 & 2 as well as Star War: The Clone Wars, isn't parenting just fantastic some days....or not!

Anonymous said...

I've never had to watch high school musical. I was going to ask you why you even bother. Then I noticed at the end you said you have kids.
I don't intend to ever have kids. From what you stated, it's programs like high school musical that make America's youth dumb as rocks.

MyKey said...

Hi Ms Catherine. Lord I cant imagine how bad a cheap star wars knock off cartoon might be. I feel for you!

Hi Petal, yes I love every minute of it, especially the minutes that move real slooooow, like the 15 minutes before bedtime :)

Hey Lolita
Well its not all bad, they are fun and very loving. I agree though that rubbish like that doesnt exactly stretch a young mind.

Sexie Sadie~ said...

Too funny. You aren't supposed to like HSM MiKey, it's for tween girls ;)

But, seriously, I personally love it. I love the music and the songs and all of the overacting. Is it trite? Yes. Is it indulgent? Yes.

Part of why I like it is because it's fundamental message preaches going against the status qou. This is important to me. It uses a story line that KIDS can relate to. Peer pressure to behave a particular way, belong to a certain group or engage in homogeneous thinking is an enduring occurrence in schools. So any message that can filter in and flip those juvenile switches before they become immutable is, in my mind, a positive one.

Go WIldcats ;)