Tuesday, 10 March 2009

A question to any readers

There have been fewer comments recently which got me wondering how many people read this blog regularly, and which bits people are most interested in. Please drop a quick note, anonymous if you are shy, to satisfy my curiosity.

And if you are reading T... love you x

I thank you


Elle said...

I read all of your posts. I just don't always comment ;)

Thumper said...

Dontcha just hate it when people don't comment? Like Elle, I read you regularly. If I ever feel like I have something worthwhile to say, I'll say it. Otherwise, I just hang back here in the shadows being all mysterious-like.

Ms. Catherine said...

I definitely read whenever there is a new post. I find your perspective is very different from my female outlook and it provides me with some food for thought.

bdenied said...

I just have been busy, havent stopped by much but when I do I read all what I hae missed...some people just dont comment much....write for yourself and if other people read even better...I for one enjoy your missives

Tom Allen said...

You're in my Google reader, so I catch it all the time.

Some people - like me - often skim quickly through the posts because they - we - don't always have time to comment. Sadly, they - we - rarely go back a week or two to leave a comment on a particularly good post.

Try not to think about it. Just write - most of us have been enjoying it very much.

MyKey said...

Ahh basking in affirmation!

Hi Elle - I know :)
Hey Thumper, shadows? Your blog isnt exactly hiding away you know!
BD, and Tom, thanks.. Tom I do the same with my reader, I know what you mean.

Guys dont worry I mostly write this as a diary for myself when im much older. I want to remember the details and emotions associated with parts of my life. Im not about to stop. Having said that I am very curious about how many people read regularly, so please do say hi. Dont worry about the affirmation and dont feel pressured to post in the future, this isnt an admonishment nor am I feeling lonely.

I have always been a nosy and curious individual. Thats why I read your blogs after all, heheh. I need to KNOW!!!

MyKey said...

Ms Catherine, you have my interest piqued. regarding the difference in persepctive, i'd like to know more, would you mind elaborating?


Giles English said...

I read you from time to time...

Ms. Catherine said...

I'm worried you will be disappointed.

But I see your perspective as very male. You see things as a submissive, kinky man. Me, I tend to see things well only from my "Domme" point of view and struggle to understand my slave.

One of my objectives with my blog is to widen my perspective and understand mark better. If you read me, you will know that I sometimes feel I have fallen short.

I tend to see an event or act from my perspective only and I am sure that narrows the realm of possibility.

Your experiences can leave me thinking about my lack of empathetic thought. I do somethings because he has voiced a need and not because I understand that need.

Your post "Frustrating Anger" in particular made me rethink my "whatever" attitude to orgasm denial.

Ms C.

cbuzz said...

This is my favorite blog and i read it most every day.

Your relationship is close to what I hope to have some day with my wife and mistress.

Thanks for sharing a part of your life with us.

MyKey said...

disappointed? Not at all, very interesting. I think my wife has the same difficulty. As a switch I find it much easier to put myself into either mindset. Without that, empathy with the other half of the ds equation would be much harder. I think that your exploration and attempt to understand is fantastic.

We sub guys (I'm in that mindset now :) ) are complex and sometimes emotionally demanding beasts. Giving up so much of ourselves, barriers down. We are very easily affected by the one we have opened to. Neglect is the big no no, love, affection, and a healthy does of control in whichever form you guys like, and you have the best foundation in my opinion.

Not sure how the male female part affects things though!

The frustrating anger post, that was new to me too! Was very strange being in the inside!

Lush said...

just for blog and i love it! i'll be taking some time to read the back posts....:)

Anonymous said...

I like your blog. I caught on reading hoping I'd get an idea of what married sex is like for a couple with kids but from the male perspective. LOL sorry....but that's what I wanted to know.Just haven't commented much.