Friday, 13 March 2009

Best laid plans of mice and men

Last night we had intended to go to bed early and watch some heroes, sandy is feeling a little poorly. During the day I suggested to her that if she was feeling a bit naughty she could ask me to plug myself and give her a foot or back massage while we watched. She thought this a fun idea, accusing me of being truly bad!

Sadly by the time the kids got to sleep we were tired, and sandy's cold had come on stronger. So just heroes and sleep.

Another time soon I suspect...

I confess that due to our past this kind of thing still makes me feel a bit let down, as if there is a lack of interest in these games on her part. I know its not true, but my heart is still unsure. Its a sign of how far were have come though, that the feeling was very slight. So I was easily able to be the supportive husband she needed and my fears didn't sit heavy in my thoughts like they used to.

Thank god, I don't ever want to be back there again, horrible times!


Elle said...

That's good, that you could put those feelings aside. When she feels better and she's up for playing again, it'll prove your feelings wrong and maybe with enough "proof" with time, they'll go away altogether ;)

Hmmmm maybe I should quit with my little psychology 101 advising LOL

Have a good one, hope Sandy feels better soon!

whatevershesays said...

Great Blog!!

Tiggs said...

Hugs! You're right about it being a downer, but certainly just a brief bump in the road. Real life sure does get in the way sometimes and it is our job not to let it turn into any bigger than that!

Sounds like you have a great attitude about it now!

MyKey said...

Hi Elle. I know you are right. Already in the last year she has proved it often enough! As time goes by my comfort with it grows, but its not quite there yet. YOu should have seen us 2 yeaars ago tho! Psych away, always interested in what you have to say:)

WSS - Thanks!

Hi Tiggs. Thanks :) Real life Bah! Its true that it gets in the way, but like you say we can choose how we act about it. I wouldnt call my attitude great (though I thank you for the compliment), but much better than it used to be.