Saturday, 14 March 2009

The Domme is back

This morning Sandy woke up in a much better mood. This she demonstrated by demanding an orgasm, then a second one, and making it clear that I wasnt going to get anything as I had had an unauthorised orgasm a few days ago (my only one since the start of the year). She made sure to expose her breasts and arch her back to tempt me that much further, and they are tempting succulant morsels!

Foolish me. I told her about that a few days ago, even suggesting that I should be punished for it. Silly silly me!



Tiggs said...

Something tells me that you aren't only silly, but that you'll soon be sore, too!

Petal said...

Mmm reap what you sow darlin! *wink*

MyKey said...

I think you are both right. After a hard night of dancing tonight I will mostly be massaging Sandys feet while she watches TV, with a plug in and (her twist) her panties on to 'keep it in' as she says.


bdenied said...

well when you get tired of this let me know Ill take your place.....she sounds delightful