Monday, 9 March 2009

The Dom is back (at least for the night)

Last night we switched roles, Sandy was on the bottom in need of a good tease and a bit of healthy abuse. Who was I to refuse :) After her second orgasm we made love, we came simultaneously with her in my arms, bodies close, every inch of skin in an embrace. It was the nearest to 'lovemaking' we ever come, and it was wonderful.

I won't relate it all, but try to highlight one small section and make it as hot, and accurate, as I can.

' kneel up' he ordered, 'quickly!'

She rose up and knelt, her hands on her thighs, back arched. Always good in that position, she looked weak, horny, ripe for abuse. His eyes took in her form, her breasts were pert, pointing up and swollen in their rope prison. her legs, achingly long and folded beneath her, the skin of her inner thighs smooth, creamy white, a sheen of persperation. glistening sensuality. Her hips and arse flared wide, curved cheeks, rounded and soft, so clearly a women. He held her waist easily in his hands, soft in his palms, encompassed by him, squeezing his toy, marking his possession.

He admired her from behind but his manner was rough. 'spread' he snapped, slapping her inner thighs wider apart, reddening them. He didn't care for her pain, indeed the whimper was music to him. As she kneeled, panting, her moist depths were available but cast aside, a deeper violation was required. His finger slipped deep into her arse. There was no warning, yet her spread thighs had bared her hole to him and he took it. First one, then two fingers sliding in without resistance, her inner slut inviting the abuse. 'oh god yes' she breathed, 'fuck me!' He felt her muscle grabbing him tight, each movement of his finger making her slippery arse twitch, gripping tighter still. He always loved the feeling of this, this soft mouth kissing his finger, hungry for him. Her depths violate.

'What are you?'

'a slut' she answered, 'a dirty slut, dirty dirty whore, I I'll do anything, fuck anyone you make me, oh god, I'm just a dirty slut begging to be used'

He smiled.


Elle said...

Ah. Well that's pretty hot!

Ms. Catherine said...

Sigh. We all need to be used, abused and violated occasionally. Could be my time is coming...

Sexie Sadie~ said...

Very sexy! I love that she called upon her inner slut! We all have one, don't we!?