Friday, 6 March 2009

I finally met my Domme

Yesterday for the first time ever i met my online Domme. Sandy knew I was meeting her for lunch, as did her partner, its nice to be able to be so open about it! No jealousy from sandy, and her man knows her well enough to not worry either. In fact as we chatted we agreed that a lot of very fun kink becomes possible when enough trust and no jealousy are in play. She and I could go to very dark places indeed!

But of real interest is how we got on. Over there last two years our friendship has grown pretty solid, I know her very well, and she knows me. I think she will always be a friend, but the play has come and gone depending on circumstance. When we met she was exactly as I expected, looks gorgeous, cold Grey eyes, sexy brunette, lovely figure. More importantly her character was as i expected, sweet fun and very very naughty. I 'm very glad to have met her finally, lovely lady.

What i don 't know is how, if at all, meeting in real life will change the relationship, either friendship or the d/s competent. I feel it will and already has, but I can 't put my finger on how. I do know that she is very hard to read at times, so only time will tell. Watch this space.

But god I 'd be tempted to play in real life, her raw sensuality and plain badness, spark, and how well she knows me, would make it a blast!


Vixen said...

That's exciting you finally met her!

Anonymous said...

But what is Sandy comfortable with your doing?

MyKey said...

Hi Anonymous

Anything online, text, phone based she is happy with, although for obvious reasons she wants her say to be final in case she disagrees with something the online domme has asked for. The only thing so far seems to be that she doesnt always want me to be completely shaved as she prefers me with some hair (only up top, she likes bare cock and balls).

In real life she isnt comfortable with us playing, but she is more than happy for us to meet as friends and flirt etc. She is a very openminded and easygoing woman. I would go so far as to say, though I am not sure, that as long as I am very discreet and dont shout about it she wont be too bothered by a little play, but definitely doesnt want to know about it.

Its evolving and its early days, who knows...