Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Very quick update

She is out.

We havent had full blown orgasmic for her sex since last tuesday, although we have done a lot of teasing. Last tuesday was the sex we had the night of her last visit to the boyfriend. Its been a busy week! Last night we fooled round, but she would not let me give her an orgasm as she was saving it for tonight. She enjoyed 'saving herself' for her boyfriend. Today I got home from work and shortly found her upstairs shaving her pussy, leaving a cute little landing strip... for him.

After dressing her up for later she demanded I put on the panties she has work all day and keep them on until she reurns, a little humiliation in the mix. No lockup, but im not allowed to cum either, of course.

Wonder what she is up to now, while I catch up on work?


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