Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Unexpected events

Its late so a very quick update.

Sandy got back late last night, she had had a very good time. Her lover has figured out how to make her cum, of which he was very proud. Helped by the fact that she had not had sex for a week and they had been fucking a long time! She came a second time too, this time by her own hand while he was fucking her. He also came inside her, apparently he grows very big when he is close to cumming, and she had a very dreamy expression while she told me this. He even fucked her from behind standing up against a wall. I haven't done that position with her in years and I really love it. its a huge tease knowing he got to experience it and I didn't.

In fact she has admitted she isn't missing me inside her at all. While I suspect that is partly her playing up to the fantasy, its also fairly true. She doesn't seem to need to fuck often and has her new man giving her more than enough.

I am needless to say very horny, and feeling very churned up inside with submissive feelings.

On a different note she got the tickleberry newsletter, in it they have a very sexy and evil looking kalis teeth chastity device in sexy shiny metal. I thought she would consider it too extreme, but she really likes the idea and is seriously thinking of buying one for christmas. she made a comment to the effect can I believe she is thinking of buying me a chastity belt? She admitted she likes the idea of teasing me while wearing it!

Nervous? Yup.

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Anonymous said...

M- wow, a sexy story. I can see how it gets you excited and nervous. Glad She is having fun! :)
Stay away from that toy, though... yikes! :)

Anonymous said...

She does not miss you inside her, you say. But would it be erotically interesting to her -- and to you -- that she allow you to penetrate her, be it for two minutes, without your ejaculating... just to remind you (teasingly) what it is you are missing? (sorry for so long a question).

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to restate my question, as I find interesting the "teasing" aspect of a relationship like yours...

Your wife does not miss you inside her... But would she -- and you -- find it erotic that she allow you inside her, but only for a short moment, to teasingly remind you about the good things you are missing?

MyKey said...

Hi Anonymous

Sorry its taken so long to reply. been busy recently!

She doesnt miss me inside her, we arent especially into penetration and dont do it often, althouth now its banned I find myself wanting it lots more. She of course gets it weekly from her boyfriend so any need she does have is more than met.

She does not feel the need to let me inside her to tease, although she does rub herself up and down my cock on occasion. I suspect if this went on long term she would do exactly what you say, give me the odd slow entry to remind me. That would be very hot. The reality though is that our d/s relationship is not so all consuming that these things are set in stone (as the assfuck post shows). At some point we will fuck, and because we both know that she doesnt feel she needs to let me in for a tease anytime soon. Sooner or later I will get a real fuck.

Hope this answers your question. I do agree its a very hot idea and come january if she decides to extend the ban I wouldnt be surprised if she did that.

MyKey said...

Hi Weave

Lol! I showed my wife your comment about the toy, Yikes! She was very amused. There was a touch of loving cruelty in the laugh!