Monday, 15 November 2010

Giving up the hair

My wife and I have been thinking of laser hair removal for several years now but it has always seemed too expensive. Today on my way back from the gym I walked into a salon andfound the prices to be little more than I pay for a waxing. The lady who does it has skin and hair like mine and had a complete and smooth removal with four sessions. So I did a test patch to see if I react badly to it. I don't.

I came out thinking I can finally get rid of my hair properly, I have thick black hair that does not shave well. I used to wax but started to get ingrown hairs so stopped that too. Finally a solution.

Ten minutes later the permanence hit me. If you do this you will never again have hair there. Given that my hairy olive skinned body is 'manly' in my mind I suddenly balked at the idea that if in some years I change my mind there is no going back. Now I know that balls and crack I will never miss, its cleaner, feels nicer and does not show. But these days I am totally bare. My stomach and my groin. Am I happy being that way permanently? Probably not, or at least I'm not sure, but nor am i happy shaving....

Funnily enough sandy is happy for me to do everything except my stomach which she likes hairy sometimes. I did not expect her to prefer my groin bare but these days she does. I just can't see how it could look good like that with the hair on my stomach ending just when it should be getting thicker and blending into pubic hair. So how far should I go I just don't know.
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Elle said...

Funny, BT checked out laser hair removal prices lately, as well. I don't think he'd hesitate at all.