Thursday, 11 November 2010

Little sexy text exchange

something v entertaining about driving past our house 2 get 2 his while u locked up xx

Good god that just made me so hard, As best I can! I am yours forever.

I know & u will b mine forever xx

Of course mistress I'm a very lucky man. Xxx

Of course u r. xx


Anonymous said...

Nice texting exchange. So, I gather she was off to see her boyfriend. It'll be nice to hear about that.

But why do you call her mistress? I know you are a sub, and I can, as a male, understand the fun there is in the whole subbing thing.

But one thing though: I guess I just can't get used to appellations such as "Mistress" or "Goddess" for the woman dom. For me, it kind takes the dialectic out of it all -- that is, the back and forth fun and games of it all.

MyKey said...

Yes she was off to see him. In fact I need to write about that visit, and my birthday playtime. I must find the time soon. There has been lots of fun had.

Why mistress? Thats an excellent question. We used to find it a bit silly, a bit taking itself too seriously. As we started to be more serious about living a full time lifestyle this way and as our relationship started to blossom more, I found that I needed some way to differentiate my response to her as my wife, and my response to her when she was flexing her muscles. Somehow in that situation when she is using her command voice our that look, or when I am deep in sub space, using her name didn't feel right, it wasn't always in keeping with the mood.

We actually started using mistress very tongue in cheek, it was more a joke than serious, but for the aforementioned reasons it slowly became a proper title for use when the mood warrants it. Sandy also says she likes it because she knows I am happy when I call her that.

We tried miss for a while but that is just sitting on the fence, not quite got the balls to be mistress but nor is it a normal thing to do. Didn't last!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for you reply (I am the "anonymous" who asked the "mistress" question).

I can relate to what you say. I can understand how calling your wife "mistress" began as a joke or as something humorous, and how it gradually began to feel right. Yes, as I say: I can relate to that.

I like your blog very much, your way of writing, etc. Thanks for everything.

MyKey said...

Hi. No problem, glad you like reading. Its something I should have written up really, as we would not have thought we would use such terms a year or two ago. I'm glad you asked.

By the way you can use the name/url option to leave a comment that is still anonymous but if you use a made up name we can tell its the same person. Just a thought.