Saturday, 13 November 2010


Sandy is away for the weekend with some friends.I'm going to miss her. I am also very horny for a number of reasons, which I will go in to in a bit. As a result she decided to be a bit mean and keep me locked in my belt for the duration of her trip. We were both looking forward to this.

I didn't even make it one full day. The neosteel, sexy though it looks and feels at first, is just a miserably uncomfortable thing to wear for more than a few hours. I ended up so uncomfortable that I was even getting ratty with the kids. By the time 12 hours had passed I texted her to get the location of the hidden emergency key. I am bummed by this. I am also going to find it hard to keep my promise and not cum, though I will. I am looking forward to the day my piercing is healed enough to use the pa5000.

Why am I so horny? Well last weekend sandy decided to give me a spoilt orgasm rather than my usual full one, so my body is unused to the loss of one week of release. She had to hold me down to stop me reaching over to finish myself off properly, it was that frustrating. Her eyes were glittering with enjoyment. This week she has teased me a lot, really a lot! Real on the edge for long periods of time stuff. Again without her control I would have cum and be damned, I was that close and desperate. Partly the extra teasing is because she decided last weekend when she spoilt my orgasm that this weekend I would not get to cum. She is away and I'm only allowed to cum on a weekend, so sorry Darling but you will have to miss out, its the rule. Her eyes were glittering again when she said that. So she enjoyed upping the ante further with extra severe teasing. Some of this extra teasing was also also set off by a very good night with her boyfriend which I will write about, which of course also made us both horny.

By the time I next cum again she will have cum about 10 times since my last proper one. Even her boyfriend will have cum more then me, and he only sees her once a week.

Its a hard life being a sub, but I wouldn't change it :)


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lovetosubmit said...

Your comment about 10 orgasms in a row caught my attention.

When we first played with male orgasm denial, my wife seemed unsure as to when to let me come. So we played a dice game and the role she got was how many times SHE had to come before I got to ejaculate. It was a fun game. The last time we played with the chastity device, we came at the same time: it was her seventh orgasm since I was chaste. Awesome orgasm, though!

Hang in there!