Wednesday, 3 November 2010

She really likes chastity!

Its an unexpected turn of events. Many years ago I got into chastity, like 15 of them. In all that time sandy has never really liked the game. She loves to tease and deny but the actual device and act of locking me away was too extreme for her. Especially in the cold light of day. So we played on occasion but never for long and her heart was never in it.

Even the last three years of an increasingly d/s based relationship did not change that.

But recently something had changed. She likes locking me up. She gets excited by it, by the denial. She chooses to use the thing more often, without prompting by me. Yesterday I sent her a picture of me in my neosteel and she actually told me it was a sexy picture.

The final straw came to me today. She is going away in two weeks for a girls weekend. She realised that since I am only allowed to cum at the weekend that I would miss out my weekly orgasm. This entertained her. She further thought that since I will be very horny and might be tempted to play a bit too much that she wants me locked the whole weekend. So starting Friday until late Sunday I am on lockup. Once I realised she was not just saying it, once I saw the determined and excited look in her face, I finally clicked that her relationship with chastity has changed. I suspect once the piercing has healed I will spend much more time locked than in the past.

Funny really, I gave up on the fantasy some years ago as it seemed to be not for us, and its taking a while to get used to the idea again, I like touching my cock! But then I like being a sub more. Seeing her determination made me warm inside and very hard down below.


Florida Dom said...

Good to see that she is going to keep you in chastity. It should increase your feeling of submission.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog quite a bit. We have dabbled here adn there with male chastity (I would like to be locked more frequently). My wife goes on fairly frequent "girls nights out" and that's when we have an implied chastity lockup for me. She has a "minimum" lockup time, that I would at least have to be locked overnight. The longest I've gone is 4 days (happened several times)... my orgasm is very intense when she lets me out. I put the kids up and she parties, all the while I am locked. I look forward to those nights!
I enjoy reading about your cuckolding... a fantasy for me that we probably wouldn't act upon.

MyKey said...

Hi Florida Dom
It certainly will!

Hi Anonymous.
Thanks for the comment, im glad you enjoy the blog! I like the idea, Sandy and I started out similarly, sometimes locking up when she was out. Its fun, I bet you like it that she has the minimum lockup time.
Cuckolding is a very hot fantasy and for us a fun reality (so far), but it is certainly not for everybody. Sandy and I are very much not the jealous types, and we talk a lot to make sure its working. This part of our game has much less of the domme making a unilateral decision than the fantasy. Still we both love it, she more than me even.

bdenied said...

very cool belt, and it appears very secure....was it difficult to get fitted for the belt? did you go in person or send in measurements?

MyKey said...

I had to take measurements myself. It certainly is secure, very. Sadly not that comfortable, especially not for a sporty man. The longest ive worn it is three days. But I find it very sexy looking, and great to wear out for a while, or overnight.

Had to do a lot of bending and altering to get it to fit!