Monday, 10 March 2008

My first grown-up blog

In a way I have been blogging a while. Bits and pieces on various websites, stories here and there, even the odd poem. I always intended to find a home and put all my writing in one place, mainly for myself to be honest. One day when I am old and grey I will forget I once was young, then I can look back at my writing and think...

Well who know what I will think. Seriously though I do want to collect my thoughts and stories in one place. So here it is. I hope I can post regularly, but no promises. I hope you like my writing. I especially hope you comment and write back if you have been touched.

I will introduce myself a little now, but hopefully as I write more a little more will come out. Happily married to a wonderful, sexy, loving and slightly vanilla lady. On the surface a respectable businessman in a smart suit. Underneath that is a hedonist, someone who is forever young and in need of excitement. I ride bikes, ski, waterski, eat, drink and have sex with gusto. I try to experience all that life has to offer, good and bad, and I enjoy having good friends along for the ride. I am also one kinky mother...

And there is the rub... I can share most of who I am with almost anyone, but one of the most important parts of my self is forever hidden to most people I care about. As the years go by I find myself less able to support that double life. So I am here and I write, I do some photography, and I open up.

Sexually I am a switch. I am mostly dominant in practice, have been for years. Love to have a sexy girl bound and naked at my mercy. I can be a pretty 'creative' dom. I do switch though only one person so far has been able to do it, but God did I go deep! Never knew I had that much in me, and I must admit I miss it. On both sides I rather like orgasm denial, such a delicious and intense way to control someone. You will find that theme come up in a fair few of the stories, both those written from the Dom and Sub viewpoint.

My posting schedule will be fairly quick at first as I migrate old writing here. There will be some timeline to it, where I can tell the original posting date I will move it here with the same date.


n.b. All photos and stories on this blog are my own.

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