Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Fetish club playground

We were at a club where we play often, its convenient to us, lots of equipment to play on, no pressure and not too many people hanging around putting you off. But plenty of people to watch and be watched. My wife loves to be watched while she is being bad. At one point she was locked into a box just big enough for her to stand in, blindfolded. When the door was closed she couldnt get out or see anything. At this stage she was wearing an electric blue catsuit with very well placed zips! She was also feeling a little shy. The box had little flaps which you could open, one at crotch, and one at breast level, so after a quick drink I opened up and started playing with her. She couldnt stop me, and nobody could see anything except her pussy and breasts. Didnt take long before the zip was undone from pussy to ass, and her breasts were open too. She was wet, and her hips were undulating against my hand. She felt good, very hot and wet, and helpless. By the time I let her out she wasnt shy, just horny and loving being out in public with her tits and pussy visible. Her pussy was swollen and pouting, her lips spread by the latex pulling on either side of them, and her face was flushed with lust. While we were there we met the girlfriend of a guy who had tied her up once before. She was tied up at the time, dark hair and eyes, large breasts and olive skin, in short a beautiful young package. Her hands were tied behind her back, and she had a body harness made of rope compressing her breasts, with a rope on either side of each nipple pinching them and making them swell. She also had a crotch rope at this point. She was talking to us and shyly asked my wife if she would mind her licking her. My wife looked surprised but said why not, leant back on a counter and spread her legs (just pussy and breasts visible, but still very aroused) while this girl knelt down, crawled over and buried her face in her crotch, flicking her tongue over her and tasting her. I will never forget seeing my wife in this catsuit, half exposed and leaning back smiling, a bound girl knelt down licked her and pulling on her own crotch rope for stimulation! Wish I could see it again! My wife didnt cum then, she isnt very much into oral, but it certainly added to her feeling horny, and made for a great fantasy when I did make her cum later.
Yum :)

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