Monday, 10 March 2008

The green shoots of spring.

My wife and I have had years of problems with sex. She is very easygoing and accepting, not at all judgemental. She is fairly vanilla, sometimes her inner kinkster peeps out for a while but always hides away again. I am lucky to have her, she is wonderful, but not enough to feed my hedonism and need for kink. She also has a lower sex drive than me. I am sure that if she had a really strong sex drive her kink would have bubbled out long ago without much help.

We are trying at the moment to encourage her passion and her kinky side out to stay. One of the things I enjoy is occasionally to lie back and be done to. Since I am normally dominant, I initiate sex etc, its nice to relax and be pampered. So I wrote for her a long list of submissive things I would enjoy. The idea was to give her lots of options to choose from so she would not be stuck for inspiration, and for her to pick whatever she enjoyed (or might want to try) from the list. This way she could also stay on fairly safe ground but push her own boundaries a little, let herself open up and enjoy.

What happened at first is another story and not all good. Recently we tried again.

Saturday night I was wearing a butt plug. Dont ask why, I just felt like it. Hadnt told her about it. When we got to bed she decided tonight was the night and after a little encouragement started to get playful. She demanded I roll onto my front and started to give me a massage (later she told me that it was as much to relax her as me). That was lovely, but I wondered how I would hide the plug. She is very accepting of my kinky side so I wasnt too worried, in fact rather curious what might happen if she saw it. I was however a little embarrassed.

Once she started to massage my ass the game was up. She spotted it and chuckled, telling me how bad I was. She was planning to give me a paddling (which I love) but in a moment of inspiration decided that since I was wearing a pretty pink jewelled plug, that she though a pair of frilly panties would go nicely. Cue pair of panties thrown at me and a demand to put them on.

Hey I love wearing her panties under my clothes, they feel nice. They look ridiculous however, and I am no transvestite. I dont want to be seen in them and she knows it! Too vain for that! Hence the demand, spanked in her panties, pain and embarrassment in one. It was one of the things on the list she had shown an interest in when talking but now it was actually happening.

She has never used a paddle, with some coaching she started off, slowly at first and then faster and harder. Once I was warmed up she was really putting some strength into it (which mostly gave me a pleasant tingle, like I say I like being paddled, but some volleys had me squirming in pain nicely. She stopped to tease my cock and balls occasionally which was lovely...

we lay together afterwards, me in an endorphin high, kissing, hugging, and her then rolling onto her back demanding an orgasm. She likes her cums! The panties were off by now... I started to touch her and... Well she was very wet! She doesnt get wet easily, we use lube and lots of it. What happened we have no idea, she wasnt feeling particularly turned on at spanking me, not so that she had noticed. Her body obviously had thought otherwise and then some.. Needless to say she got a very good orgasm. By now I was dominating her and she ended up deep in fantasyland when she came.

She later admitted to me she had rather enjoyed spanking me, especially given some of our recent arguments. But she had especially enjoyed embarrassing me! I think there just might be a bit of a Domme in her after all... A good sign.

I really hope she continues experimenting and opening up her inner passion. We would both benefit from it hugely.

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