Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Dominance and submission coexisting

What an eye opener. I seem to be feeling more dominant and more submissive simultaneously.. The other night I had my wife at the brink of orgasm for probably an hour. During that time I used some truly sharp clover clamps on her labia, letting them bite then loosening them quickly until I made her take them on permanently. She was wimpering, really frightened sounding and begging me not to, all the while arching her hips and writhing in lust and supplication. She ended up with her lips clamped open while i played with her clit and pushed my fingers into her ass, then came with me slapping her breasts around, none too gently either. She came hard! Afterwards she asked if i had missed being mean to her? Damn right i had! Heheh. Its been too long!

Meanwhile my virtual Domme and i are back in contact. There has been talk of meeting in RL. A few days later she and i were playing by text when she demanded i shave myself, everything. 'Not one hair left' she said. She wanted it done that night with pictures to prove it. Now i have a modelling job in a few days and would normally wax. In fact i am booked in already. She wouldnt wait though, and when i asked twice to be allowed to do it after the waxing she demanded that i do it then and there. In fact she said that if we wanted to even consider real life she wanted to test my commitment (though she said this after i had already agreed).

Well i did it. I havent cum in a week so i was horny as it is, but this was such a rush. Being forced to do this, the sensations, the control! And then looking down at myself looking like a boy, all for her.. Lets just say that i was suprised how much i enjoyed submitting to her will...

There are times when i have wondered how much of me is Dom and how much sub. These days i think i know, the more sub a plaything is the more my dominant side comes out and gets creative :) my wife is not overly submissive so i am always reigning myself in. With my Domme and so far only with her, i find myself very deeply sub.

Weird huh. To have both and so strongly...

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