Friday, 21 March 2008

The hero is always pretty.

It bothers me, the constant subliminal and not so subliminal messages in film. American movies are especially bad for it but its not exclusive to US programming. Still look at it, almost every film, soap, reality tv program has the main characters as good looking. Friends, all pretty. Even chandler the geek is actually pretty good looking. Beauty and the beast, and the beast is a good looking long haired man with some makeup. Even 'ugly betty' isn't actually ugly, just a rather pretty girl with braces and odd hair.

Ever noticed how the repressed, excluded and 'unattractive' main character of a film is made better and better looking as their popularity and success improves in the films progression. You can predict it almost every time. Its as though filmmakers think that nobody could accept an honestly physically unattractive or even average person as a successful popular human being. Are we all truly so shallow?

It bothers me. I am considered pretty good looking, how much does it bother those who are less attractive! Subliminal hell. You can never be popular as you can never be cute!

I understand it, I know why. But it is still I think a pity.

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