Monday, 5 December 2011

The twelve days of Christmas

Fours years ago on the 1st december something began that, though we had no idea at the time, would lead to my wife recognising her dominance and becoming comfortable with it. Which in turn would lead to us living a mostly continuous domme /sub relationship. Though we do take breaks on occasion, for a change or when we are feeling the need for vanilla, even during the break there is a tiny undercurrent of d/s.

This wasn't always the case. I'm very alpha in normal life and like to be in control always. That's how sandy and I used to be, and she for her part used to think she liked to mould herself to others.

I knew i was a switch sexually but never really explored emotional or day to say submission. Sandy knew she liked to dominate sexually on occasion but was never comfortable in the role or aware she actually liked to be in control. She mostly did it because I liked it.

The thing that triggered the change was the twelve days of Christmas. It started as a kinky game. On December 1st she would whip me once. Twice on the second. Etc. It sounded fun to us both. On the first day she realised that one wasn't enough and decided the count was per bum cheek.

And so it began. By the 25th she was very much more comfortable with being in the dominant role and we had both started to recognise that she felt fulfilled in the wider role of domme, not just as the odd sex game.

This Christmas we thought we would do the same. Only now she has a riding crop, a real one for horses not for men's bottoms. It hurts. I'm very much enjoying having 24 days of submitting to her and she loves the idea of whipping me anyway so relishes it too! Probably more than me.

I'm wondering how I'm going to cope with 24!!!

I know I will thank her from the bottom of my heart. I always feel especially in love when I submit to her, and she enjoys an intimacy with me that she truly appreciates.


msscarletuk said...

I use an advent calendar with humiliating gifts for bitch-boy each day, from 1 Dec to 25 Dec. I just posted about it on my blog. Funny how Xmas brings some DS games.

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for the elaborate answer in your post of November 1st to my questions.
As a matter of fact you dealt even more comprehensively with the subject matter in your post of November 4th.
It was very interesting to read your views on the development of your relation with Sandy in the light of her sexual prefence for her over.
There were some point that were not really clear to me, so I would like to ask you to elaborate a bit further.
You write that you know that you can stop this anytime.
You are rather explicite on this point; have you discussed this subject matter with Sandy in extenso and has she confirmed that she agrees with your point of view. I suppose that Sandy reads your posts so in any case I expect her to react in any way.
From what I have read so for I tend to have some doubts whether you perhaps may be to optimistic.

maria kk

Anonymous said...

sorry, there are two annoying errors in the previous text.
"over" should read "lover" and
"so for" should read "so far".

maria kk

Anonymous said...

the further question that arose was about the following sentence:
"I know she does not intent this way of life to be permanent, might be only weeks before she fucks me again".
Are you really so sure about this, more sure anyway than follows from what Sandy indicates according to your post.
Mostly a situation of denial of intercourse, when the wife prefers all kinds of sexual activity with her lover, becomes more strict as time passes.
A perfect example of such a situation is the case of Paul Pines, who in the beginning was allowed ample possibilities to fuck his wife but who after a prolonged period of time just was allowed one "mercy fuck" a year.
I hope anyway that your chances are better, but I am not too sure,
according to the various indications given by Sandy.

maria kk