Tuesday, 27 September 2011

I'm free as a bird

So what next?

A second week had passed and I was unlocked for the weekend, after the munch. As it turned out sandy and I had some very passionate sex on Sunday night. I don't recall specifics but I do remember it was kinky, hot, and my orgasm was spectacular!

What came next was a surprise. Sandy decided that she wanted me to cum every day for the next week. Exactly one orgasm a day, to be done at work by myself. I.e. Not much fun orgasms. Why? She said she thought it was mean to make me do it without her, and she loved the power of being able to control so personal a thing about me.

And that is what I did. One orgasm a day, every day, except one where I was too busy. The next day I had two. Sandy and I also had sex, but of course I wasn't allowed to cum then. In fact sandy loved knowing I had had 'my fun' and she could just enjoy herself. Not that that stops her normally.

It was a fun week and I certainly enjoyed my extra orgasms! I'm missing them now I'm back on the once a week schedule...

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