Monday, 5 September 2011

A very naughty night

Excuse the rushed writing, I’ve been working till 9:30 so time is limited, but wanted to get this written down before life gets in the way.

Last night my wife was in full on humiliation mood. Earlier in the day she had made me put on her panties, pink frilly ones, with the intention I would wear them all day. However after my shower mid afternoon she decided she wanted me to look manly and sexy so suggested I leave them off. I should have known the respite was temporary. The last week or so she has been talking naughty quite often, regularly referring to fucking my ass. I was pretty sure it was something she was craving.

I was also given 10 punishment strokes of the riding crop for my unauthorised cum last week. And believe me she was hard with it, no warm up. Ouch! I really do see these as punishments; I don’t ever risk getting them when warned.

She has a bit of a cold at the moment, when we got to bed she wondered if she just wanted a quick ‘comfort orgasm’ and then sleep. At this point she had already pinched my nipples a few times, and tickled me. She was threatening not to unlock me and let me cum (this is Sunday night remember), even though on Saturday night she had spent a good 20 minutes hurting me and teasing me without unlocking. Seeing all this I was pretty sure she wasn’t really going to want merely a quick orgasm. I was right, scant moments after I asked her is she no longer wanted to use the strap on she told me, urgently, to go and get it and not waste time.

Around this time she started asking me questions about what I was thinking and what was turning me on. Again like Saturday night, she was enjoying getting under my skin, and like the other night she was pushing at the things that she knew I find humiliating. She suggested she fuck my ass in the pink frilly panties, pulling them to one side, making me hand wash them afterwards. I was embarrassed but she forced me to admit that it turned me on. I joked about her throwing stockings in as well, next thing she was pushing on that, asking if I like the idea, forcing me to admit that while I would find it horribly embarrassing it would turn me on, the humiliation and her wielding the power and forcing me to do it.

So basically I ended up being ordered to put on her used stockings, the pink panties, and bend over the end of the bed. Shortly after sucking the rubber cock she was slowly but forcefully sliding it into my ass. What followed was a long and hard fuck, my face pushed down against the bed some of the time, or me arching back to meet her thrusts and feel her breast brushing my back. She was talking dirty to me, telling me what a slut I am, how dirty it is her fucking her husbands ass while his cock is locked up and he is horny. She was really kinking on the naughty, illicit, and powerful feelings over it. As she fucked me she told me that when she had had enough she was going to pull out, lie back and make me give her some nice orgasms, then she was going to sleep. I wasn’t going to get anything. Her voice got even throatier as she said this, obviously getting off on the idea.

When she finally pulled out (not before I pushed back and fucked the dildo myself for a while as she stayed still), I took off her harness and felt her pussy. It was soaked. Dripping wet.

She did as she said, she came twice and then I was left to kiss her goodnight and spoon into her, my aching cock nestled in her ass as she drifted off.

Why was she so turned on by denying me last night? Partly she enjoys it anyway, but what I’ve never mentioned on the blog is that when she is being dominant her rule is that I only get one cum a week maximum, and only at the weekend. No other days are allowed for that cum. She knew that by denying me Sunday night she had sentenced me to another full week of denial. This after 10 days already, she had made me miss the previous weekend due to my illegal cum, a cum that had been more wet dream than conscious in the first place… As she fell asleep and I breathed the scent of her skin I can honestly say I have rarely loved her more.

Sandy thinks I should put the pics up. She didn't order me to, she's being nice, but said she thinks people would want to see.


Anonymous said...

Delightful, while I feel a little cruel in saying it, I am glad you were denied you chance to cum.

Mistress Aimee

KaziGrrl said...

It sounds as though you enjoyed it regardless... :)
Though I do feel for you, I would be cranky as hell!


Freya said...

You have a beautiful canvas for her to work with. ;)

And I wouldn't have let you cum either.

MyKey said...

Aimee. Well thank you, I feel delightfully abused hearing that :)

Kazi, trust me it is sexy!

Freya. Thanks for the compliment. Sandy likes it too :) wicked lady!

Anonymous said...

Gawd, this humiliation and "taking you" is hawt! :)